Carts and Tuggers Maximize Efficient Use of Factory Space According to Topper Industrial

Topper Industrial carts and tuggers maximize efficient use of factory space. Fork truck free programs can contribute value in areas related to the reduction of inventory, improvement of material flow, reduction of line-side handling equipment and floor space. Cart and tuggers also improve operator ergonomics, cycle efficiency, and reduce the need for coordination between forklifts and operators for replenishment of stock.

Tugger pulled industrial carts are well-suited for lean manufacturing environments, such Topper Industrial customers Anderson Windows, Detroit Diesel, Honda, Kia Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Aramark, Johnson Controls, Whirlpool, and Caterpillar. The idea behind forklift-free is replenishing material as it is used, rather than keeping excess material on the production floor. The cart operators bring parts up to the floor only when they are needed, meaning no excess inventory is stacked in aisles.

Improving the movement of products to cut costs and reduce inventories is the goal when using carts. Carts are a visual trigger for replenishment and primarily lean manufacturing.  Lift trucks work better with full cases or pallets, which go against the lean mentality.

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About Topper Industrial

For more than twenty years, Topper Industrial, ( based just outside of Milwaukee, WI, has been a leader in the material handling equipment industry. The company’s product roster features industrial carts, conveyors, lifts, lifts & tilts, shipping racks, containers, casters, and cart components. From mother-daughter carts to quad steer carts to tilt carts and rotate carts, Topper’s material handling solutions make delivering material line side more effective through more efficient practices. Topper Industrial has a team of experienced professional experts able to assess and provide the right product for all material handling equipment requirements.

Topper Industrial is a proud member of MHI. The Topper Industrial client roster includes Anderson Windows, Detroit Diesel, Honda, Kia Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Aramark, Johnson Controls, Whirlpool, and Caterpillar.

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