Carson’s Store Provides Amazing Breakfast & Lunch Services In Mystic CT

Carson’s Store is your go-to restaurant in Mystic CT or Noank CT for the best breakfast and lunch made from high quality, fresh ingredients.

Carson’s Store offers both breakfast and lunch options and wants to satisfy your cravings for great meals. The food is amazing and freshly cooked. The staff is beyond friendly and always willing to engage with you. They are also great at offering suggestions if you cannot make up your mind.

Carson’s Store is your go-to breakfast stop in Mystic CT. Their breakfast is of superb local quality and the best in Mystic CT and Noank CT. Even when they are busy you rarely have to wait for very long. The service is so efficient and the details are priceless.

You can enjoy the best all natural ice cream Mystic CT and Groton CT in Carson’s Store. Made fresh daily, Carson’s has been proudly serving Mystic CT residents and visitors for so many years. Their ice cream is made only with the finest, natural ingredients imported from around the world.

Carson’s Store is a great destination for the best lunch Mystic CT and Noank CT. It is a perfect location for an incredible lunch with friends or colleagues if you want some good, honest food in a comfortable setting. If what you need at lunchtime is an outstanding meal, Carson’s Store is definitely a good choice.

Carson’s Store is a well-known and well-loved breakfast and lunch restaurant that has made customers happy for many years. It is known for its bustling and warm atmosphere: a perfect place to take your family for lunch or just a group of friends for a good long catch up. In fact, Carson’s Store is such a crowd pleaser you could go there for lunch or breakfast on any occasion.

Every resident in Mystic CT and Noank CT highly recommend trying this unique, efficient, home style breakfast and lunch joint. Carson’s Store is one of the top spots in the area.

About Carson’s Store

Carson’s Store has been an institution, in Southeastern CT, for over 100 years, located in the heart of the historic fishing village of Noank CT at the mouth of the Mystic River. It’s just a stone throw away from Downtown Mystic CT. 

Carson’s Store is most well known for its breakfast & lunch service as well as local ice cream from Buck’s Ice Cream of Milord CT. In addition Carson’s offers a variety of local gifts and merchandise and serves dinner in the summer. Carson’s can also be rented for private events.

Take a step back in time in this authentic 1950’s diner & ice cream parlor, and you’ll never regret it. If you are new to the Noank area and are looking for a family restaurant that serves both breakfast and lunch, Carson’s Store is the restaurant for you.

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Contact Person: Steven Michael
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Phone: (860) 536-0059
Address:43 Main St.
City: Noank, CT
State: Connecticut
Country: United States