CAPTIS, a Global Executive Search Service provider in an Amazing Breakthrough

Reliability pays off – Why is CAPTIS so much in demand?

February 10, 2017 – With their business slogan “Captare, Aestimare, Eligere, Succedere!” (Capture, Assess, Select, Succeed!), CAPTIS perfectly illustrates their key outputs, when it comes to serving a substantial portfolio of clients.

Acting as a well established mid-to-top level retained Executive Search firm, they carry out countless retained assignments for the positions which require exhaustive expertize in the very fields of their presence.

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With the offices in London, UK (HQ); Geneva, Switzerland; New York City, US; and San Francisco US, CAPTIS offers truly global presence and operational capacities. The projects are handled personally, with a “Swiss clock” precise structure. Client companies do appreciate the seriousness and professionalism offered with such an obvious ownership of responsibility, regarding any project, and may focus on their own plans in absolute serenity. Once CAPTIS commits to an assignment, in 99% of the cases it issuccessfullyfulfilled, as projected. And in a timely manner.

Without a doubt, one of the key aspects leading Healthcare industry businesses to query for CAPTIS’ services is that developed and nurtured multi-skill capacity to remain up-to-date and cultivate the knowledge. Each market’s key players, their products, end-users constraints, markets’ volumes, market shares…  are no secret to CAPTIS. Which therefore enables the Consultants to deliver utmost valid selection on any industry-related function: Sales, Marketing, Research & Development, Clinical, Education, Regulatory, Finance, HR, just to mention some.

In their market, CAPTIS figures as one of the most exceptional and rare players with such high ethical standards, absolute confidentiality, and clean and clear off-limits policy. Besides, they consider the Executive Search business, in addition to the obvious search and assessment skills, being a highly human task. It is not about a simple find-and-place attitude, but building long-lasting collaboration by finding the very right match, also in human and cultural terms. That is why 85% of the placed executives remain with the client companies three years at least.

But this approach is valid only in the event the most comprehensive search is carried out. That is exactly what CAPTIS promises, and fulfills on every single project. Again, thanks to all their investment in terms of funds and time, to develop their, already remarkable network of executives. But not only. A precise search methodology is carried through, containing the required steps to reach the final objective: Find a selection of the best available executives in the given point of place and time.

Given those solidly established skills, CAPTIS has naturally developed a range of related services: Executive Assessment & Development, Talent Sourcing & Acquisition, Leadership Strategy, Merger Integration, CEO Succession, and the well-known Board Services.

At just the right size to serve the most complex cross-continental and cross-functional operations, any assignment is taken care of most seriously, and with a full understanding of the individual requirement, the environment, and any possible constraints.

CAPTIS has launched a brand new website, at, with a range of interesting features and useful tools. Let’s mention the possibility for the Healthcare industry executives to create and fully manage their profiles anytime, using any device – confidentially (secured by the state-of-art data encrypting system). One prefers connecting using their LinkedIn account? It is possible. Some might be attracted by the thorough selection of the latest Healthcare industry news, both financial, technical, commercial, regulatory,… Maybe some would prefer a large list of worldwide events and trade-shows? Or possibly, screen for openings at CAPTIS, at their Careers website.

Whether you are a business or an executive, you will certainly find an honest and friendly partner, to either relevantly help you grow, sustain or fine tune your business; or to successfully manage your career. Countless companies materialize their satisfaction by the continuous confidence, trust, and ongoing collaboration. No executive has ever been deceived by a very individual treatment she/he received in the process.

About the company:

CAPTIS is global Healthcare Executive Search firm offering comprehensive search process, quality assessment, and on-time guaranteed delivery.

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Company Name: CAPTIS
Contact Person: Kristian Cvetkovic
Phone: 1-800-445-1839
Address:145-157 St John Street
City: London
Country: United Kingdom