Capri Aesthetics: A New Medical Spa is Opening in Columbus, GA

Capri Aesthetics is a fully licensed, state of the art medical facility managed by board certified physicians on staff at hospitals in the local area. Their doctors prefer non-invasive medical approaches to help their patients gain confidence and address their aesthetic concerns. Capri Aesthetics offers some of the most advanced treatments for health, beauty, wellness and rejuvenation.

Currently, Capri Aesthetics is offering a wide range of treatments to improve the face, skin and hair. If you are interested in learning how you can look and feel your very best, contact Capri Aesthetics today to begin your free medical consultation with our staff!

Check out some of our most popular treatments for increasing health and wellness:

Acne Treatment

Acne is generally thought of as a rite of passage for teenagers. It’s a tough time for teens and can also be tough for adults still suffering with breakouts or blemishes. Fortunately, there are many unique solutions that can bring relief. Capri Aesthetics helps people of all ages struggling with skin issues. Utilizing the least invasive procedures and the treatments will always be the goal, but with MD’s in charge of care, patients will have the best information and access to treatments that deliver real results.


Health and well being will always be a priority. Capri Aesthetics is dedicated to providing its patients with access to ethical medical treatments that will improve quality of life. In many cases, gentle and noninvasive procedures can accomplish much of what patients are seeking for anti-aging benefits. For those curious about more serious procedures, our doctors will be happy to discuss any and all available options with you.

Laser Hair Removal

We all know that hair moves over time. It’s seldom an issue of maintenance or care. Instead, typically simply a matter of genetics. Some patients might feel uncomfortable with their eyebrows, others are uncomfortable with their bikini line in a bathing suit. Laser hair removal is virtually painless and provides our patients with a sense of security. After treatment, hair is slow to regrow and our medical staff will help you plan a schedule for maintenance.

Residents of Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding communities now have a place to turn to for complete medical spa services. Learn about all of the treatment options available, contact us today!

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