Canning Line Manufacturers Excel: Levapack Offers Unmatched Quality and Service

Canning Line Manufacturers Excel: Levapack Offers Unmatched Quality and Service
Levapack offers top-tier canning line manufacturing with unparalleled service, robust quality control, and versatile packaging solutions for global businesses.

GUANGZHOU, China – As a leading canning line manufacturer, Levapack (LPE) combines an impressive 15-year track record with deep industry insights to deliver custom-designed canning machines that maximize reliability and cost-effectiveness. Serving over 1000 clients across the globe, LPE’s commitment to innovation is backed by a seasoned team of engineers with 14 years of experience, making them a powerhouse in the provision of a full suite of canning packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes.Quality and Durability at the ForefrontUnmatched Quality and Durability in Canning Machines from LevapackLevapack raises the bar for the canning line industry, prioritizing material excellence to deliver durability, safety, and environmental sustainability in their products.

  • Stainless Steel Construction: Levapack’s machines are built with a robust 1.5mm thick #304 or #316 stainless steel, chosen for its ability to endure intense operations, particularly in the processing of food and beverages. This material choice not only extends the machine’s life but also adheres to strict hygiene standards.
  • Domestic Bearings: Strategic partnerships with domestic bearing suppliers translate to a stable 5-year lifespan of machines, substantially reducing maintenance demands and ensuring cost-effective operations for Levapack’s clientele.
  • Servo Motor Advantage: As a vanguard in the integration of servo motors into canning machines, Levapack guarantees precision and efficiency, thus offering a competitive advantage in automation and production quality.
  • Seaming Roller Longevity: Levapack’s seaming rollers are engineered to efficiently seal between 50 million to 100 million cans, with a serviceable life of 1-2 years before requiring replacement—a testament to the machinery’s endurance.

Levapack reaffirms its dedication to superior craftsmanship by employing high-grade materials and components in every canning machine, ensuring an extraordinary and reliable production experience for their global clients.Innovative Product Line Offering Efficiency and VersatilityLevapack excels as a canning line manufacturer, offering bespoke packaging solutions that streamline the production for solids, liquids, viscous substances, granules, and powders. Dedicated to addressing the varied demands of the packaging industry, Levapack’s product line manifests technological precision and versatility.

  • Rotary Can Infeed Outfeed Table: Starting with high-precision automated rotary can feeders, Levapack ensures seamless entry of containers into the production line, minimizing blockages and boosting the packaging process.
  • Can Rinser/Sterilizer: Cans undergo a thorough cleaning with UV and air blow systems before filling, crucial for maintaining product purity and standards.
  • Dosing System and Can Filler Machine: Precision is key, and Levapack’s filling machines uphold this by dispensing the right amount of solids or liquids using advanced sensors and PLC controls.
  • Can Seamer Machine: The sealing machinery within Levapack’s lines encapsulates the contents securely, utilizing advanced sealing and vacuum technology to safeguard against contamination.
  • Can Labeling Machine: Levapack’s labeling machines apply labels with pinpoint accuracy, an essential detail for branding and regulatory compliance.
  • Can Coding Machine: Featuring modern coding technologies, Levapack ensures products are traceable with easily readable information such as production and expiry dates.
  • Rotary Can Outfeed Unscrambler: Post-filling, the unloading tables take over, efficiently managing the finished products while optimizing the workflow.

From the robust infeed systems to the meticulous unloading of finished goods, Levapack’s canning lines are synthesized for optimal performance. Each machine in the lineup is fine-tuned to deliver efficiency, reliability, and quality. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Levapack stands as a confluence of excellence in canning line manufacturing, equipping businesses with the proficiency to elevate their packaging processes.

Rigorous Quality Control Measures

  • Select Quality Materials: Levapack commits to excellence using only top-tier materials, including #304 or #316 stainless steel, combined with renowned brand parts like Omron PLCs, SEW motors, and Schneider electrical components to guarantee machine endurance and performance.
  • Machining Precision: Every part is crucial; hence, Levapack leverages advanced CNC tech for precise component machining. Inspections post-production ensure parts meet stringent 2um tolerance levels.
  • Meticulous Assembly: Skilled engineers at Levapack orchestrate assembly with exceptional attention to detail, positioning each component with accuracy indicative of their years of expertise.
  • Machine Inspections: Post-assembly, machines are scrupulously checked to certify all elements, from capping systems to sensors work harmoniously.
  • Trial Runs and Testing: Rigorous testing with over 100 consecutive runs using sample cans and 48-hour no-load operations verify the machine’s robustness and operational readiness.
  • Aging and Function Tests: Levapack’s aging test involves a 36-hour trial with bi-hourly operational checks, culminating in comprehensive verification and a visual record sent to clients.
  • Final Maintenance: Pre-delivery, machines undergo a deep maintenance routine, ensuring a spotless, debris-free, and well-polished finish that prolongs their active service life.

Unmatched Service Commitment

Levapack presents a strong service guarantee, providing a 1-year warranty for all their products and providing customers with continuous support to enhance the operation. In light of the fact that customers require quick service and timely availability of spare parts, Levapack guarantees fast service and immediate availability of spare parts to avoid any interruption. Not only does the company protect machinery during transportation through protective packaging, but it also helps to ensure easy start up through detailed online tutorials and on-site training for assembly and maintenance. Its canning solutions focus on flexibility and productivity, offering various packaging services with the ability to change the settings of the machinery to accommodate a variety of products and containers while providing excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

About Levapack

Levapack sets itself apart as a proactive company in the packaging industry, particularly for its high-speed small canning production lines that can process up to thirty cans per minute. Located in a 4000 square meter facility and always stocking 80 units per month, the company effectively meets both large and emergency market demands while following strict international guidelines such as ISO, CE, CSA, and RoHS. Levapack is a designer, developer, and distributor of a full line of packaging equipment for cans, and the company is open for cooperation with distributors who want to succeed in the canning machinery market with clear and mutually beneficial cooperation and favorable conditions for further successful business development.

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