CannaBIZ Collects: The Authority on Debt Collection in the Cannabis Industry

Helping Recreational and Medicinal Canna-Companies Get the Money Owed to Them

The cannabis industry is a unique one in many ways, including how debts and collections are handled.  Because of the legal grey area in which the cannabis industry exists, it is exceptionally important that those who collect on behalf of these businesses be knowledgeable not only about the financial law but laws as they pertain to cannabis as well. CannaBIZ Collects ( is armed with this knowledge and is happy to put it to work for our partners in Colorado, Washington and other states with legalized recreational or medicinal cannabis programs.

CannaBIZ Collects is the nation’s first Cannabis-centered collection firm and was founded upon over 30 years of experience and a well-versed understanding of cannabis law as it pertains to the states wherein it applies.

Are you a part of this expanding industry? Are you owed money in relation to your business in cannabis, CBD or hemp? Not only will CannaBIZ Collects get that money directly into your account as soon as the matter is settled, but they will also ensure that their fees are not withdrawn until you have gotten what is owed to you. Together, alongside a nationally recognized collection agency, CannaBIZ Collects has been renowned as a leading expert in efficient cannabis collections since 2005.

The accounts receivable department can help you manage these accounts, reducing your total outstanding receivables so that you may focus on what really matters: the functions of your business. CannaBIZ Collects is most accurately thought of as an extension of your business, a partner that will handle the accounts receivable legwork so that you do not have to.

Your business will thrive and your profits will rocket sky-high when you no longer have to focus so much of your time on your receivables.  It might sound intimidating or expensive to outsource this function to another company such as CannaBIZ Collects, but rest assured that they will actually save you a lot of time and we have all heard the expression, “Time is money”.  So do not waste money and time that could otherwise be better spent!

About CannaBIZ Collects

With over three decades of collections and accounts receivable management experience, CannaBIZ Collects is the leading national authority on balance collections in the cannabis industry.  By working as an extension of your business, their team of professional, service-oriented professionals will create a program with your partners to help rectify their debt without causing harm to the business relationship that you have established. As the first cannabis-focused collections firm in the United States, they have been praised as a prominent, knowledgeable and insightful leader in the financial arm of this growing industry.

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