Cannabiz Collects Offers Debt Collection Service with a No Collection No Fee Policy

Helping Cannabis Companies with their Finances

Cannabiz Collects is an exciting organization that offers financial and legal services to businesses in the legal cannabis industry.  The company understands that many new businesses in this field are struggling to achieve financial security and legitimacy. They have made it their mission to help.  

Although marijuana has been legalized in several states, it is still illegal under the federal government.  This creates a number of logistical headaches for business owners in the legal cannabis industry, and it leaves them open to being taken advantage of by outside parties.

Cannabiz Connects salutes these brave entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain a foothold in this new territory.  The services that they offer range from debt collection to credit management and much more and are designed to help these pioneers receive the compensation they deserve. 

Debt Collection

Cannabiz Collects understands that many business owners in the legal cannabis industry have fallen victim to predatory firms.  They are offering a debt collection service to help these individuals take back what is owed.

Due to its illegal status in the federal government, it is difficult for cannabis vendors to pursue litigation if they are swindled by a larger firm.

Cannabiz Collects has a team of seasoned advisers and attorneys ready to ensure that their clients receive the money to which they are entitled.  They are so confident in their abilities that they offer a money-back guarantee in the form of a No Collection, No Fee Policy.

Credit Management

Cannabiz Collects also offers a credit management service to help clients build good business credit.  Good credit is essential to the success of any business as it impacts how trustworthy a company is viewed by banks and other lending institutions.

Cannabiz Collects is here to bridge the gap between the traditional business sector and the legal cannabis industry.  By helping businesses to build their credit, Cannabiz Collects gives their clients the ability to build legitimacy in the eyes of financial institutions, making it possible to take their business to the next level.

A / R Management

Cannabiz Collects acknowledges that it takes a lot of hustle to run a legal cannabis business.  So, they are offering an Accounts Receivable management service to allow clients to outsource some of their bookkeeping.

To succeed in a competitive market business owners, need to be thinking about cash flow and expansion, not struggling to fulfill orders and keep records.  Cannabiz Collects’ Accounts Receivable management service saves businesses valuable time and money by handling the simple, organizational tasks that distract from big picture objectives. 

Cannabiz Collects is dedicated to serving as a financial coach for businesses in the legal cannabis industry looking to develop a more organized infrastructure.  Submit a claim today to find out how Cannabiz Connects can be of assistance.

About Cannabiz Collects:

This Company is an LLC that is a Marijuana Collection and Accounts Receivable Agency that specializes in legal cannabis businesses.  They also provide other business services to their clients as well as credit consultation.

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