Canadian Restorations GTA: The Trusted Underground Service For Pressure Washing, Property Care

Providing cost effective 24/7 services to residents of Toronto

Specializing in different forms of property care, maintenance and cleaning services Canadian Restorations GTA provides 24/7 services to different structure types across the Toronto area. Team members from Canadian Restorations GTA provide services in power and pressure washing, underground garage cleaning, graffiti solutions, media and soda blasting and general building maintenance.

Thinking about creating a fresh look for a building, could be a new coat of paint, but Canadian Restorations GTA can provide pressure and power washing a fraction of the cost that a new coat of paint could provide. The team can not only save the client money, but also know the difference as to when to use power washing or pressure washing. While both use a powerful force of steam to clean a surface, power washing uses hot water. Canadian Restorations GTA uses power washing on smaller areas like driveways and decks, while pressure washing is used to clean buildings throughout Toronto.

Cleaning is the name of the game for the team, which also has ways to not only clean graffiti, but also save buildings from future graffiti. Using a unique combination of pressure and power washing the graffiti will quickly and effectively be removed from any size surface on the building. Once the team has removed the graffiti, there are two different coatings that could be applied to the wall, sacrificial and permanent.

Each coating can be applied over the current paint on the building and is a cost-effective solution. The permanent coating, while a little more expensive, becomes part of the paint itself and Canadian Restorations GTA uses this for buildings commonly struck with graffiti. It also is not removed when the team comes in to clean off graffiti. Sacrificial coatings will be removed in the event Canadian Restorations GTA is called in to remove graffiti. Regardless of which is chosen, the team matches the paint over coating to the building’s paint for a harmonious finish on the outside of the building. A paint over will be most effective on a smooth. The Canadian Restoration GTA team will use this when use of spot painting is not the most simple solution.

Another alternative to cleaning graffiti off buildings in the Toronto area is media and soda blasting. The team uses either of these methods when sandblasting is considered to abrasive. While both are milder than sandblasting, soda blasting is the gentlest form. The Canadian Restoration GTA team uses a combination of compressed air and sodium bicarbonate (ingredient in baking soda) – this serves the same purpose as sand – while leaving surfaces clean and layers below untouched. In addition to removing graffiti from wood, masonry and steel, it can also be used to clean after a fire. No matter the reason, the team will clean the surface without causing any unnecessary damage to the building, wall and structure.


The goal of the Canadian Restoration GTA team is to treat each client the same while providing innovative services and expertise 24/7 in the Toronto area. The basic idea was that maintenance and cleaning be reliable and be uniform for the client. The team uses professional equipment that is state-of-the art, along with methods that are environmentally friendly in a comprehensive, personalized service.

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