Canadian extreme metal band “Cryptopsy” becomes first international metal band to every play Saudi Arabia


In an unprecedented gig that unfolded at the Syrup Stage on December 1, 2023, Heavy Arabia Entertainment proudly presented Cryptopsy, the first international metal band to make history in Saudi Arabia. The concert was a very important moment for the growing heavy metal scene in Saudi Arabia. It showed that the country is open to new and progressive cultural ideas.


                                                Canadian extreme metal band Cryptopsy live at Syrup Stage

Cryptopsy and Local Talent Ignite the Stage: A Triumph in Death Metal

Cryptopsy, a leading force in death metal since they started in 1992, brought their powerful and unique music style to the stage. With eight full-length albums and a rich history of high-profile tours spanning 47 countries, including Saudi Arabia proved that heavy metal has fans all around the world.


Creative Waste shares the stage with their major influence CRYPTOPSY right in their homeland

Supporting Cryptopsy were skullcrushing Saudi grindcore band Creative Waste and Bahraini thrash/death metal band Necrosin. Creative Waste and Necrosin, both drawing inspiration from death metal legends, added even more brutality to the show.


Bahraini Thrash/Death metal band NECROSIN performed their first Riyadh show alongside Crestive Waste and Necrosin

Heavy Arabia Entertainment: Spearheading the Saudi Metal Movement

Heavy Arabia Entertainment, the pioneering force behind this historic gig, stands as Saudi Arabia’s first dedicated heavy metal promotion company. The company offers a platform for both signed and unsigned heavy metal bands to thrive by utilizing its expertise in producing and managing local heavy metal gigs and regional tours as well as workshops and masterclasses by established heavy metal artists.

“The music industry in Saudi Arabia is thriving, and heavy metal is no exception,” emphasized Gigi Arabia, the visionary founder of Heavy Arabia Entertainment. “The sweeping reforms since 2016 have led to exponential economic, cultural, and social growth. Musicians now have the freedom to make music, perform live, release songs on streaming platforms, and promote themselves publicly. This gig signifies a major step forward for the Saudi metal scene.”

Gigi Arabia, leading Heavy Arabia Entertainment as a Saudi female in a male-dominated industry, is promoting a more inclusive and diverse music community by pushing the heavy metal community in Saudi Arabia.

Gigi Arabia’s Adventure: A Story of Saudi Metal’s Growth

In an exclusive musivv BACKSTAGE interview, Gigi Arabia shared her transformative journey from a teenage music enthusiast to an empowering and enabling entrepreneur shaping Saudi Arabia’s metal scene. As the founder of the first-ever heavy metal music promotion company in the country, Gigi’s commitment to promoting Saudi metal locally, exporting it internationally and expanding the Saudi entertainment sector is evident.

With a notable turnout of 150 attendees from various countries, many people from different countries attended the gig, showing that lots of people worldwide are interested in Saudi Arabia’s growing metal music scene.


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