Canadian Employers Looking Overseas For Foreign Workers to Fill Employment Shortages

Throughout Canada, many employers are facing a shortage of qualified workers to fill the numerous positions required by their organizations. Due to this lack of skilled labor, companies have been forced to look overseas for the right candidates. This is becoming increasingly more common among many industries across the country and the result is a stronger, more knowledgeable workforce nationwide.

If a position is unable to be filled by a Canadian citizen or legal resident, employers can fill this shortage in the labor market by recruiting those foreign employees who meet the job criteria and are qualified to apply for a temporary work permit. Those individuals falling under the high-skilled, low-skilled, seasonal agricultural worker and live-in caregiver categories are able to apply for a temporary work permit once a position has been offered to them and are able to work within Canada for a specified period of time.

Many Canadians fear that the widespread use of this program is taking away jobs from the Canadian people, however a spokesperson from Canada Immigration Inc. dispels that myth: “Recruiting foreign workers is an excellent way for companies to expand their business and strengthen their workforce. There are so many highly skilled professionals and laborer’s throughout the world who either cannot find work within their own countries or who are not being utilized to their fullest potential. Having these individuals join our workforce and contribute to the growth of our economy is one of the smartest things we, as Canadians, can do. Prior to being able to hire a foreign worker, businesses must apply for a Labor Market Impact Assessment. This assessment is performed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). These organizations ensure that there is a valid need to look for work outside of the country and that Canadians are not being overlooked and replaced by foreign workers. Only those companies who qualify can then begin the recruitment process outside of Canadian borders. This program takes both the needs of Canadians and their businesses into account while boosting our production levels and economy as a whole, plus it offers opportunities to those from around the globe. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Temporary work permits also allow for the family of foreign employees to move with them to the country and in certain situations they may apply for work within Canada as well, on a temporary basis.

For more information about Temporary Work Permits or the Labor Market Impact Assessment guidelines representatives from Canada Immigration Inc. are ready to assist you. This organization is based out of Toronto, Ontario and are specialists in the field of Immigration. Their company has assisted many individuals in their quest to take up residency or to find work within Canada and they have a wealth of knowledge that they are willing to share on the subject.

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