Canadian Electric Bicycle Company Now Offers Tune-Up Services

Bicycles have been around for countless generations. They are a fast and affordable way for people to travel around and get to their destinations. Of course, a traditional bicycle requires pedaling to move the wheels of the bike. This becomes a challenge for a lot of people, especially Canadians who frequently need to ride uphill.

In the new age of technology and making everyday life easier, it should be no surprise that one Canadian bicycle company wanted to make biking easier for its fellow Canadian citizens. Epic Cycles is a Toronto-based business that specializes in manufacturing and selling electric bicycles and scooters. An electric bicycle is equipped with an electric motor that assists the cyclist by generating propulsion for them. The cyclist is still required to pedal their e-bike, but the motor makes pedaling much easier on those tougher inclines.

“At Epic Cycles, our goal is to change the way people travel by promoting electric bicycle riding as a safe, green alternative to other vehicles while providing the convenience of motorization,” according to the Epic Cycles website. “We’re thrilled to work with our Canadian customers to expand our travel by electric bicycle.”

Epic Cycles does more than just sell electric bicycles. Now they have their own maintenance shop where they can perform a variety of tune-up services on all electric bikes. This is really no different than an auto shop that provides maintenance services for cars. At Epic Cycles, the extent of their e-bike maintenance services includes a 21-point safety inspection, lubricant, tire inflation, brake adjusting, bearing adjusting, tire alignment, cleaning, system testing, and battery charging.

“If you are looking for a high-quality electric scooter & bicycle store in Toronto, you won’t find much better than Epic Cycles,” a representative of the company said. “Although we are located in Vaughan, we have Canadians coming here from all over the country to see our unique collection of electric bikes.”

Electric bicycles have become a trend over the last 10 years. With the increasing worry of carbon emissions and global warming, companies across multiple industries are striving to create the best transportation alternative to gasoline-powered cars. Electric bicycles are eco-friendly because they do not use gasoline. They are powered by a rechargeable battery, which can help a cyclist go between 16 and 28 mph.

Since 2010, the Chinese market has already seen electric bicycles replace their classic mopeds. It is only a matter of time before these bicycles at least reduce to use of motorcycles and cars in the western world.

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