Canadian Center Specialized in Gender-Specific Treatment Raises Awareness of Methadone Addiction for ‘Sober September’ 2018

While ‘Sober September’ mainly refers to alcohol abstinence, Inspire Change Wellness aims to draw attention to male Canadians dealing with methadone addiction and reinforce their commitment to providing a safe, non-judgmental environment for recovery.

Inspire Change Wellness, one of Canada’s most renowned addiction treatment centers for men, wants to raise awareness and understanding of methadone addiction and encourage substance abusers and their loved ones to seek appropriate help. In light of ‘Sober September’ which urges people to stop drinking, the center takes advantage of the opportunity to draw attention to the life-threatening risks of misusing the drug, in particular combining methadone with alcohol which can lead to fatal consequences.

“Because, more often than not, the way heroin, OxyContin or fentanyl dependence is treated nationwide involves other opioids, namely methadone that leads to a never-ending circle of addiction. The most frightening thing to learn is that a person can overdose and die from methadone the very first time they use it, and this risk never goes away. Inspire Change Wellness understands the complexity of this addiction and the life-threatening consequences that come with it. That is why we have put heart and science into recovery and we’re proud to have helped thousands of men get their lives back, but there is still a lot to do,” said a key Inspire Change Wellness spokesperson.

Conventionally, primarily men have made up the bigger part of the population suffering from opioid addiction leading to gender-specific recovery pathways. However, methadone addiction and treatment are notably different for men and women. Males have a tendency to delay or avoid seeking help due to masculinity stigmas dictating they should not be weak, in need of help or victimized. While in the last 30 years there has been an increase in women who abuse substances, treatment needs still remain different. 

At Inspire Change Wellness, the services offered are far beyond ordinary and involve an integrated, gender focused approach. The staff is solely made up from compassionate professionals with high-level masters’ degrees and a successful track-record of helping patients return back to healthy and active lives. One of the aspects that sets them apart from other Canadian addiction centers lies within their approach to lifestyle changes. Comfortable rooms, gourmet meals, fitness classes and yoga sessions are among the benefits they offer to ensure patients have the most appropriate environment to overcome their addiction and recover in a safe and healthy way.

About Inspire Change Wellness

Inspire Change Wellness sets the gold standard in addiction recovery for males in Canada. Their highly specialized services include recovering from heroin, marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines, meth, cocaine, opioids or party drugs. Having treated thousands of patients since the opening of the facility, their team is dedicated to helping individuals who abuse substances throughout every stage, from withdrawal to recovery and self-management.

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