Canadian Bike Store Reveals Treat for Electric Bike Enthusiasts

Electric bike enthusiasts are being encouraged to upgrade as a top Canadian bike store slashes the prices on its featured products.

Epic Cycles have knocked $1,000 off two of its electric bikes and $100 off one of its electric scooters.

Bosses at Epic Bikes said that in times when people wanted to get out in the fresh air more and there was more of a focus on getting fit and healthy, particularly at this time of year, electric bikes were an excellent choice and they wanted to help them get more out of their electric bike experience.

A spokesman for Epic Cycles said: “The popularity of electric bikes has soared, and people are much more focused on getting out into nature and getting fit, particularly at this time of year. Electric bikes make exercise and cycling much more accessible to a wider group of people.”

“Many people have avoided cycling in the past because they are concerned about being able to get up hills. Or they might be concerned about whether they are fit enough to get on a bike. An electric bike takes away those concerns. The boost that an electric bike will give a cyclist going up a hill or to enable to go that little bit further, or take the pressure off the amount of work they need to do, makes it an excellent option for getting fit.”

“But they are also a great option for those who want to take their cycling to the next level. Perhaps they want to embark on trails and routes that they had not considered before or they require extra power, an electric bike will give them the ability to be able to do it,” he added.

Epic Cycles has knocked $1,000 off its Stromer ST5. This bike is a wonderful example of how electric bikes have evolved. It has the latest technology – a Bluetooth start-up and locking system – a rear-wheel motor, a sport mode taking it up to 45kph, high-end components and 3G technologies. It has rigid forks, but with the option to opt for full suspension if it is being used for off-road mountain biking.  Dependent on the model, it will cost between $11,999 and $13,599.  Their other featured product is what looks like a cross between a motorbike and a mountain bike. The SUR-RON electric dirt bike is a serious piece of kit that allows dirt biking on an environmentally friendly electric bike. This model has only the very best components available on the market. The manufacturers spent more than a million dollars in creating this high performing electric dirt bike. It has been reduced from $6,499 to $5,399.

Then for those who would prefer something a little less challenging, Epic has also knocked $100 off one of its electric scooters. The X8 is now available at $799. This is an upgraded scooter that can reach speeds of up to 25kph and reach distances of up to 30 to 40 kilometres.

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is a Toronto based cycling manufacturer and retailer with distributors across Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. The company aims to help make the ability to access electric bikes and scooters more convenient, affordable and encouraging people to have less impact on the environment.

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