Canada-Visa-Online is Pleased to Announce a new Online Visa Service

canada-visa-online is pleased to announce that it is now offering a new online visa service for Canadian citizens. With this new service, Canadian citizens can now apply for a visa online without having to go through a travel agent or embassy. This new service is convenient, fast, and easy to use. canada-visa-online is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers and we are confident that this new online visa service will be a valuable addition for our clients.


The Canadian government has announced that British citizens will now be able to apply for a visa online. This new system will make it easier and faster for British citizens to get a visa to visit Canada. canada-visa-online is a leading provider of Canadian visas for British citizens. We are committed to making the visa process as simple and straightforward as possible. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at


The canada-visa-online website is now offering Canadian visas for Australian citizens. This new service makes it easier than ever for Australians to travel to Canada. With canada-visa-online, Australians can apply for a visa online and receive their decision in as little as 48 hours. There is no need to visit a Canadian embassy or consulate. canada-visa-online is a secure and convenient way to apply for a Canadian visa. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support.


The Government of Canada has announced that France will be added to the list of countries eligible for the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) program. This means that France citizens can now apply for a Canadian visa online. The eTA program was introduced in 2016 as a way to streamline the visa application process for certain countries. It allows eligible applicants to submit their visa application and pay the associated fee electronically. Once approved, the eTA is valid for five years or until the applicant’s passport expires, whichever comes first. This change will make it easier for France citizens to visit Canada for business or pleasure. For more information on applying for a Canadian visa, please visit


Starting today, Canada will now be granting visas to German citizens wishing to visit the country. This is great news for those looking to explore all that Canada has to offer, from its stunning natural landscapes to its vibrant cities. Germany is one of Canada’s top trading partners and this move will no doubt strengthen the already strong ties between the two countries. We welcome German visitors with open arms and can’t wait to show them all that our country has to offer.

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