Canada MedLaser Announces Best Non-Surgical Methods for Looking Younger

Canada MedLaser, a leading provider of medical aesthetic procedures in Toronto, has compiled the best procedures for total face transformations. While med aesthetic procedures are capable of a wide range of results, these specific treatments target the whole face for a more youthful appearance without surgery. Dark circle reduction, wrinkle reduction and face sculpting can all be accomplished with Dysport, an innovative brand of botulinum toxin A. 

Treatment for Dark Circles

The majority of dark circle treatments focus on covering this hyperpigmentation under the eyes which is caused by blood vessels being visible beneath the thin area of skin. MedLaser, in contrast, offers a treatment that can address this issue and reduce the visibility of the pigmentation.

Dysport Hyaluronic Acid, an FDA and Health Canada approved dermal filler, is carefully injected into the dark circle area under the eyes. Instead of removing the pigmentation itself, the treatment increases volume under the skin which smooths and plumps the area, allowing the skin to more effectively cover the darker blood vessels.

Wrinkle Reduction

One of the most popular anti-aging treatments, wrinkle reduction can also be accomplished with Dysport injections. Canada MedLaser offers several injection types which can be customized to give each patient optimal results. This includes fine lines and some deeper wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, mouth and even neck.

Face Sculpting

Dysport dermal fillers can also be used to change the contours of the face for both dramatic and subtle results. This method allows a patient to fill in sunken areas and add volume to parts of the face that tend to sag with age including cheeks, lips, jawline and more.

Advantages of Dysport Over Other Botox Injections

Dysport is a specific brand of botulinum toxin A which has been approved in both Canada and the US as a dermal filler. Used in medical aesthetic practice for over 25 years, the injections offer a more long-lasting solution than makeup and without the risks of surgery. It differs from other Botox injections in that it contains smaller protein molecules which allow it to spread more easily throughout the area. Less injections are required, and results can be seen more quickly. Because of its unique formula, Dysport is especially adept at treating the lines that can form between one’s eyebrows.

It is safe for use for nearly all patients and produces visible results almost immediately. Mild swelling and redness are typically the only side effects and they tend to last only a matter of hours.

About Canada MedLaser

Canada MedLaser’s certified and licensed team uses approved techniques and equipment to provide superior medical aesthetic treatments including laser hair removal, wrinkle reduction, CoolSculpting, anti-aging treatments and more. Located in several convenient locations in and around Toronto, Canada MedLaser provides each of their services in a spa-like setting complete with experienced medical aestheticians, doctors and unparalleled customer service.

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