Canada Kindness Center Announces Crowdfunding for 1 Million Acts Of Kindness Campaign to Promote Positive Stories

Canada – The news media is full of negative news about war, crime, violence, and deaths, thereby driving humanity to the brink of destruction. Meanwhile, there are millions of acts of kindness that go unpublished because they don’t seem to fit the status quo.

Canada Kindness Center is about to change the course of history with the announcement of their “one million acts of kindness” project. Their plan is to get people from all over the world to create one million acts of kindness, document it, and then published it for others to see.

They’re making use of a card and mobile app anyone from any part of the world can install, upload their acts of kindness, and nominate other people to do so as well.

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Canada Kindness Center is committed to promoting good values, happiness, and humanity around the world. The one million acts of kindness is an idea that will take the world by storm and cause a shift in the way we see ourselves as humans. It’s a huge opportunity for people who believe in goodness, fairness, and growth to discover ways to promote positivity in the media.

The one million acts of kindness idea will include games like kindness mission, interactive good cards, inspirational fun ideas, and an app. The app will allow users to document their good deeds and pin it to a position on the map, along with 999,999 other participants. Cards of kindness can be passed on to another person to create a chain of kindness.

News media promotes negative news while social media display marketing and personal content. Canada Kindness Center’s one million acts of kindness is all about adding value to the lives of people within the community. Such deeds deserve to be published and make viral so that other people can learn and be inspired to do the same.

One million acts of kindness is about uplifting the human spirit and bringing positivity to the limelight. Everyone is invited to come and participate and play their part in making the world a better place.

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