Can the Rogue Neck Gaiter Be Used As a Face Mask?

Can the Rogue Neck Gaiter Be Used As a Face Mask?

3V Gear Rogue Neck Gaiter Face Mask
Using a Rogue Neck Gaiter as a face mask is a great option for keeping your face covered while in public. As governments start to ease stay at home restrictions, the CDC and local governments advise that you should wear a face covering while in public. Even many stores now require you to wear a face mask while in the store. The Rogue Neck Gaiter is a convenient, comfortable, and stylish way to cover your face while in public.

We live in a strange time. Just the other day, the Utah governor announced that they would start to ease stay at home orders. They are going to allow restaurants, gyms, and hair salons to be open. One of the caveats is you are required to wear a face mask while in public. Even Costco announced that you would not be allowed in the store if you were not wearing a face covering. This got us wondering, “Can we use the Rogue Neck Gaiter as a face mask?”

Of course, you can! The CDC advises the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. As the CDC and local governments have recommended wearing a face covering or face mask (and it is still virtually impossible to find face masks in stores) the neck gaiter may be a great option.

Kirk Sample, Marketing Director for 3V Gear notes, “We are not saying using the Rogue Neck Gaiter as a face mask will protect you from COVID-19, the flu, or any other illness. Based on the recommendations of the CDC, the Rogue Neck Gaiter will help reduce respiratory droplets and help protect others in case you are contagious but do not know it.”

The neck gaiters were originally designed as multi-functional headware. They can be used in numerous ways to protect your head, neck, and face from the sun and other elements. They are doing double duty as a face mask. Are you doing a quick Costco run? Simply pull the neck gaiter over your head so all of the material is around your neck. Then pull the top end over your mouth and nose. You are good to go. The Rogue Neck Gaiter is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastine and has a seamless design. This allows the gaiter to be stretchable and fit snugly on your face without restricting breathing. It is comfortable to wear hour after hour and won’t fog up your glasses. Want more protection? As the neck gaiter is 19″ tall, you can easily double or triple the amount of material covering your face. You can even double up the material and place a coffee filter or HEPA vacuum filter between the two layers for extreme filtration.

As we try to make our way through this new normal, having a Rogue Neck Gaiter as a handy protective layer only makes sense. It is versatile, light weight, takes up no space, and, if we dare say, makes you look pretty cool. Who would have thought we would all be walking around town looking like bandits?

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