Can GlobalBoost’s 10+ Year Blockchain Fuel A Bitcoin-Inspired Media Revolution?

GlobalBoost, a leading cryptocurrency, has evolved into GlobalBoost Media, rebranding its BSTY utility token for a pivotal shift in the digital landscape. The transformation aims to revolutionize digital and social media by establishing a decentralized network akin to Bitcoin’s impact on currency.

BSTY, now tailored for media-centric use cases, harnesses blockchain technology akin to Bitcoin. This strategic leap positions GlobalBoost Media as a trailblazer in innovation, aspiring to pioneer a decentralized media ecosystem empowering global creators, publishers, and consumers.

This rebrand signifies a visionary approach, aligning with the needs of the evolving media industry. BSTY becomes the premier digital currency for secure, transparent, and efficient media-related transactions, fostering content creation, distribution, and consumption.

GlobalBoost Media envisions a censorship-resistant network, empowering content creators with ownership and engagement control. This paradigm shift ensures fair compensation and strengthens audience interaction.

CEO Bruce Porter Jr. affirms, ‘We’re thrilled to introduce GlobalBoost Media and the revamped BSTY token, dedicated to reshaping the media industry via blockchain. Our goal is a decentralized ecosystem that redefines global media, emphasizing innovation, transparency, and inclusivity. We Are the Network!’

In its transformative journey, GlobalBoost Media plans to integrate the NOSTR protocol into tiered service media nodes, augmenting the decentralized media network’s value. Remarkably, the blockchain mirrors Bitcoin’s features, including ordinals, at a significantly reduced cost, underscoring its commitment to a secure, cost-effective infrastructure.

With a focus on decentralized solutions, the rebranding and BSTY token relaunch aims to resonate within cryptocurrency and media spheres. Discover more about joining the GlobalBoost Media nodes and its mission at

Please reach out to Bruce Porter, Jr. at Bruce@GobalBoo.ST for media inquiries.

About GlobalBoost Media:

GlobalBoost Media, formerly GlobalBoost, rebrands its BSTY utility token, harnessing blockchain technology to empower content creators, publishers, and consumers in a censorship-resistant, transparent, and rewarding decentralized media ecosystem.

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