Can Cannabis Aid in Dental Health?

New York – May 10, 2018 – As cannabis use continues to emerge as an effective component in medical environments, one dentist and researcher is looking to use cannabis as an effective component to alleviate oral pain and dental diseases.

Dr. Veronica Stahl, an Israeli dentist based in Belgium, has launched a new start up called Cannabite Lifelong, dedicated to the research and development of using medical Cannabis properties to help reduce dental pain and heal other dental-related diseases. Oral health is a critical component of a person’s overall wellness, but one that is often overlooked. This leads to further complications, including larger systematic health issues.

Cannabite Lifelong solutions are built on emerging research and rely on the natural extracts of the plant’s healing properties and the human body’s endocannabinoid system.

With a nearly $129 billion dental healthcare market and an expected $57 billion worldwide market for legal cannabis (33 percent of which is dedicated to medical cannabis), an effort that straddles these two high growth industries is poised for significant growth as well.

After practicing for more than 23 years, Dr. Stahl recognized that, even with today’s pharmaceutical advances, she still couldn’t help her patients with spontaneous pain. Dental pain is unlike many other types of injuries or pain. With dental pain, the typical course of action is to remove the tooth’s only vital tissue, the nerve, Dr. Stahl hoped for a better solution. And she’s discovered few.

“Researching and developing products that use the healing properties of cannabinoids for dental care will help millions,” said Dr. Stahl. “This can help patients maintain their own natural teeth despite gum disease, cavities and other soft tissue diseases of the oral cavity. It’s exciting to delve into this untapped potential.”

Dr. Stahl attended the Cann10 & Israeli Technion Institutes course. There, she was introduced to the healing properties of medical cannabis and realized the possibilities in dentistry. She immediately got to work on R & D. Today, Dr. Stahl is working out of Euro Dent Belgium bvba, which is licensed to carry out clinical research trials for the dental industry.

Recently, Dr. Stahl and her team were chosen to present their abstract at the first conference in the world held by a government: The Government Israeli Cannabis Conference “Cannaan”. Israel is one of the global leaders in medical cannabis research and agriculture, as well as a leading startup environment.

Dr. Stahl and her team have successfully gathered the data on which her products and technologies are being developed. Now, during clinical research and testing, dental patients have a new hope for the future to reduce many oral diseases and pain. By checking the potential of extracts from different strains and application, growers can check the potential of their own strains, providing growth across all aspects of the industry.

While the company has secured support to move forward, there are additional opportunities for select investors to be involved as well as for growers who would like to test strains for this specific application.

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About Cannabite LifeLong

Cannabite LifeLong is a start up that uses medical cannabis research for dental treatment applications. Our work helps commercialize the revolutionary breakthroughs in the medical grade cannabis field of dentistry. Dr. Veronica Stahl, the founder of Cannabite LifeLong, is a multifaceted clinician and entrepreneur who holds several licenses in the UK, Belgium, Israel and the Netherlands. Cannabite LifeLong is registered in the United States with R&D operations in Belgium.

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