Can cabinets be painted over? Woodstock’s Sunset Cabinet Refinishing & Painting

Can cabinets be painted over? Woodstock's Sunset Cabinet Refinishing & Painting
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Youtube makes painting cabinets look easy. But is it really a Saturday afternoon DIY project? Riley Cook pf Sunset Cabinet Refinishing answers this question.

Spring is here and homeowners are thinking about remodeling their home. Many are tired of their old kitchen cabinet colors. After researching and perhaps after reading an article or watching a Youtube video they see people painting their old kitchen cabinets. So that raises a question, Is it possible to just paint over cabinets?

In this article, Riley Cook of  Sunset Cabinet Refinishing & Painting chimes in to answer that question. Riley explains, “Cabinets made of wood, wood-laminate, or metal can usually be repainted without a problem. However, if you want them to look good as new it is not as simple as slapping on a fresh coat of paint.”

Sunset Cabinet Refinishing & Painting continues, “First of all you need to use the proper paint depending on what the cabinets are made of. For instance, if you tried to paint metal cabinets with latex house paint you will be disappointed, Secondly, you mist take time to prepare the old cabinets to receive the paint.”

What happens when kitchen cabinets are not prepared before painting?

Riley of Sunset cabinet refinishing and painting of woodstock reports, “If the cabinet surface isn’t prepared to receive paint the paint will begin to peel. Can you imagine your kitchen cabinets peeling because you didn’t prepare the cabinets properly.”

How do you prepare cabinets to paint them?

Riley continues, “There are several things that must be done after ensuring you have are using the right kind of cabinet paint. First of all you must thoroughly clean the kitchen cabinet doors, styles and frames. Secondly, new paint will not stick well to a shiny slick cabinet surface. So you must sand and rough up the old cabinet paint, lacquer or polyurethane so the paint has something to stick to. After sanding it is important to clean the cabinets again.”

Riley concludes, “The final step is to apply the paint to the cabinet. As you can imagine having the right painting equipment makes a difference. A kitchen cabinet that is painted with a professional paint sprayer will look better than using a paint brush or paint roller. Finally, remember there are different grades of spray guns that you can use. You want a professional spray gun that will leave a glass like finish. So this may not be a DIY project for a Saturday afternoon. It is always a good idea to use a professional cabinet painter if you want professional results.”

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