Can A Child Help A Nonprofit Organization?

Could a 7 year old make a difference in his community? Ask Colt Wicker who has raised over $2000 for non-profits over the last 4 years. Also learn how any child can do this in their community.

Imagine a 7 year old calling a non profit organization offering to do a fundraiser for them. Notice what Colt says happens next…

“They [non-profits] think my mom and dad are going to be the ones to show up, but I am actually the one,” Colt said. When the people at these organizations see him bringing in the donations, he said, “They’re speechless.” – Source:

How does Colt do it?

The 7 year old sets up a popcorn stand and sells popcorn for a couple of hours. The seven your old boy selects the organization the proceeds will go to.

Here are a list of the nonprofits he has helped:

Tyrone Volunteer Fire Department: Colt donated enough to fund a full set of 21 CPR masks for the firefighters. Why? Like many 7 year olds he hopes to become an EMTone day.

Additional beneficiaries of this splendid young person include:

• The Living Well in Penn Yan

• The Dundee Central School food pantry

• The Golisano Children’s hospital

• The NYS Sheriff’s camp

• The Hope Walk of Yates County.

Because of the good work he is doing the young lad has earned a following. As a result he now generates up to $700 in the two hours of sales.

Best of all the the whole family gets involved in the popcorn fundraiser.

Why popcorn? America loves popcorn. Furthermore popcorn and schools are naturally connected already in many ways already.

How all children can help with a Popcorn fundraiser

This can inspire any child to want to make a difference in their neighborhood. Joe Wolpin of Fundraising Zone helps 7 year old kids raise money for local nonprofits, schools, teams and church too.

Fundraising Zone makes popcorn fundraisers easy. The child and his family simply show a brochure featuring gourmet popcorn flavors. The school or nonprofit gets to keep up to 50% of the profit. It is free to get started. To learn more about raising money selling popcorn contact info below.


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