Calls for Protecting Online Video Copyrights and Cracking Down on Infringements

Creality 3D, a high-profile firm in the foreign market of consumer-grade 3D printers, began to enter the 3D scanner industry last year. However, when preparing to release new products this year, it was complained by Kickstarter’s 3D printing users that its crowdfunding promo video was suspected of plagiarism.

The customers on its Kickstarter platform have also left comments to doubt about the video, and posted on Facebook a comparative screenshot of POP 2 promotional video made by another crowdfunder Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc. It is easy to find from the comparison that Creality 3D is almost imitating Revopoint 3D’s video at pixel-level.

After searching, it’s easy to find that Revopoint 3D is a leader in the consumer-grade 3D scanner industry. By taking advantage of the 3D imaging technology, this company launched the upgraded version of POP 2 at the end of last year. Their new product is very popular overseas with its unique technology and extremely high-cost performance. In addition to the advantage of POP 2 itself, the company’s well-planned promotional video is also an important factor in its successful crowdfunding. Anyone who watches the video will have the urge to buy a 3D scanner.

According to the netizens’ statistics, the Creality’s CR-scan Lizard crowdfunding video plagiarized Revopoint’s POP 2 video in 21 places. Some of the pictures and shootings are almost completely copied and very similar, including props, camera angle, lens movement, the model presentation effect and the use of the scene layout. As we all know, the selection of display props is critical to show the scanner quality. But Creality’s prop selection seems quite easy, and its method is just like: “I choose what Revopoint chooses”?

The suspected plagiarism can be found in many places from a user’s comparative screenshots. Let’s take a look at them:

“Revopoint team chose antique vases, large plaster sculptures, colored sneakers and dinosaur models, so do we!” “Revopoint team did a side-by-side rotating display of colored textured models and blue untextured models. We do the same thing!”

With the increasing videos released on social media, video creativity and presentations are not only particularly important for individual bloggers, but also challenging for corporate to protect property rights, especially across borders, because the law and regulations are still not perfect. It is expected that this article will draw more attention to this issue and advocate against such plagiarism and infringement.

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