Call the World: Announces its innovative cost-effective phone call delivery

2 Feb, 2017 – Callthe.World, an innovative communication company announces its astonishing phone call delivery services, a company that fulfills the needs of travellers, expats, international and local community phone calls needs that needs a premium quality voice call without incurring roaming and related fees, for free in return for targeted marketing videos for users.

Call the world has been utilized by different personalities who have found it only interesting and high quality but also cost efficient method of making a phone call. According to Silvia, a user of Call the world has this to say “I made a call directly from my phone and my computer. Thanks a lot for developing this app and making my life better”, also by another user Mark, “I am so glad I came across this app. As a traveller it’s a must have app for local free calls!”

In four simple down to earth steps, Call the World can be utilized, firstly an invite code will be needed which precedes the sign up, which can be gotten either by direct referral from friends, colleagues and associates or generating it on the website, thereafter sign-up process commences and  the number to be called to call is dialed and proceeding to watch a relevant promoting a local business then a call can begin, lastly watch more advertisement for one minute of ad to earn a free phone call.

Call the World uses the OTT technology in its operations, a technology that disrupts traditional method of transferring information, this enables organizations, friends, and family to enjoy a cost efficient and convenient way of communicating to one another.

Unlike popular call apps, such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and FaceTime, Callthe.World allows users to use an existing data package to call all local phone numbers including landlines. Eliminating any charges normally incurred by travellers during their stay in the host countries, and giving an unlimited freedom of communication to any desired phone and landlines calls.

Thinking of how to make free call, get started using the PC or a smartphone from any standard web browser. No apps to download, No plugins to attach, No need for payments. Just enter your phone number with your browser, dial the number and watch targeted videos and all is set to go.

To learn more about the company, visit to get started.

Media Contact
Company Name: Skylight AG
Contact Person: Inna York
Phone: +41 44 586 22 17
Address:Hauptstrasse 54
City: Meggen
Country: Switzerland