Call A Friend LLC Launches its Telephone Alternative to Counseling Services

22 February, 2017 – Call A Friend, LLC is delighted to announce the launch of its telephone alternative to counseling services program which helps users in finding some constructive ways on how to move over the challenges in life through the assistance of a person they can call a friend. This platform was designed with the primary aim of enabling users to find an easier way to set and attain goals, efficiently manage their time and commitments as well as enhance their quality of life. 

It was observed that many people believe that meeting someone in person to discuss  personal challenges can be disturbing and difficult for a variety of reasons, and end up forgoing the help that they need from such people. Using Call A Friend platform enables people to set up calls at a time and location that is convenient for them, even if they are thousands of miles away from such people or their friends.

In the bid to achieve this laudable objective, Call A Friend recruited Certified Friends from various backgrounds; who are committed and have a good heart to help people who suffer from pain and struggle. The Certified Friends include dedicated and creative community of people ranging from social workers, ministers, to counselors, life coaches, teachers and a lot more talented and skilled individuals who want to become a friend to someone who is in need.

This advanced information technology network was designed to facilitate the creation of a network of skilled professionals with valuable knowledge and insight trained for assisting in reaching out to people who are looking for secure, private and immediate help with everything ranging from family to relationships, spirituality and many more. It provides a platform to enable people facing challenges to interact with certified friends towards solving their immediate problems.

Mr. Kourtney O. Boden, the CEO and Co-founder of Call A Friend, LLC says, “Indeed, Call A Friend LLC is the only company that you can trust when it comes to an alternative to counseling or therapy that’s over the phone. We guarantee that you will be able to find the kind of assistance that you need the moment you get in touch with a Certified Friend at”

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