January 31, 2018 – Though the fight was long and hard, Ricardo Bernal has proudly announced the release of his all new tell all book, ‘Think of Thinking.’ “This book teaches how to give yourself, your family, and your friends anything your heart or theirs desires,” Bernal said. Ricardo Bernal is a California prisoner who despite having a checkered past, has been fighting to make amends by releasing his book and donating one hundred percent of his profits to the Special Olympics. “Being a prisoner makes it difficult to get a book deal, unless you’re Charles Manson or someone like that. My book is important because it teaches people that they don’t have to depend on anyone for the things they want or need, and it is my way to make amends for what I have done. Dozens of publishers refused to take my manuscript, much less publish it,” said Bernal while talking about the books purpose.

Hopeful Media Solutions, a publishing company that specializes in books by prisoners, was inspired by Ricardo Bernal’s story, and felt compelled to publish his book. “It was clear to us that Ricardo’s story, and the secret revealed in his book, would guarantee him a leadership role for many years to come,” said Julie Vega, Hopeful Media Solutions Vice President of Consumer Relations. She went on to say, “We should be taking our cues from this man. He is locked in a concrete box but he is happy, healthy, and has everything a man in his position could ever want or need. Nothing brings him down and nothing stops him from helping others. He is a paragon of his community, and even ours.” Despite his incarceration, Ricardo Bernal is quickly making a name for himself in the “new thought” movement, as a leader, disrupter, and motivational GURU.

“Think of Thinking” is a MUST READ because it reveals the secret to health, wealth, happiness, and success that only a small group of elites know about until now. It provides a logical, interesting, and simple approach to obtaining anything you ever could dream of wanting. This is a tried and true method, according to the author, based on personal experiences and empirical knowledge. “No longer will this secret lie in the hands of a small group of people. Everybody deserves to have anything they wish. And they will. I’ll travel the world to show all how it works. This is my promise,” Bernal said.

The author didn’t always have this secret or passion. Though he learned the secret from various sources and his own experiences, he credits his family for much of his drive. “I came from a very good, very loving family. I screwed up, they didn’t. My parents were always there. They would go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that my siblings and I had everything we needed. In prison you have plenty of time to reflect on such things. My brother, Christobal, was born with Down Syndrome. He was frequent patient in the hospital, but my mother would never leave his side, which is awesome. No matter if it was one day or one year, you couldn’t pry her away from my brother’s side. All the while my father is at home holding down the fort. These people are my inspiration. These people, especially my brother, gave me the purpose and drive to find a better way and I did!  Oddly enough, I am thankful for coming to prison to have the opportunity to learn what a very small group of people know. These are very successful people. Moreover, I am thankful that I’ll leave a much better man, with all the tools I’ll ever need in my head. Though I am in prison right now I am making amends for what I have done and ‘giving back’ by committing ALL of my profits for the first year of this books sales to the new Everlasting Sunshine Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization, which supports the Special Olympics, and other similar organizations. This shall be but the beginning of my life mission of making amends, and to guide every last person in my path to a life of happiness, health, wealth, friendship, success, and or any other desires they may have. Again, this is my promise,” Bernal said.

As Ricardo Bernal has grown older and more mature, his ambitions and achievements have only grown with him. Today he stands out as a pillar of his community, consulting with his peers, writing for his peers and studying on how best to deliver his message. He is always looking to spread his base by helping new people. Currently residing in Ione, California, the author is welcoming everyone to read his new book upon its launch on February 1st and learn how you can have anything you want or need out of life.

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