Apr 30, 2018 – Calethium, a new and upcoming sci-fi game, is a completely free-to-play online strategy game that debuts on August 31st, 2018. In a revolution in online gaming, Calethium is providing a unique experience for their players by offering them real world incentives for their performance.

The grand prizes for the top performers are as follows:

1st Prize – $1,000,000

2nd Prize – $500,000

3rd Prize – $200,000

4th Prize – $100,000

5th Prize – $50,000

Rewards will be available daily beginning from April 27th.

What is Calethium?

Calethium is a sci-fi based game along the lines of Clash of Clans and Civilization. The gameplay is fairly simple. You build up your outpost, armies and technology to fight against other players and collect shards. The winners will be the players with the most shards. You will be mining local areas for resources to grow and equip your armies in order to fight your way to the top.

Unlike other games, you cannot pay any money to improve your position in the game. There will be no costs for boosts, speed ups, or anything that will put you at an advantage over other players. Calethium is completely free to play, offering their players with rewards at the cost of nothing. This gives everyone a fair chance to win and promotes a naturally competitive environment in which players can attribute their success to their skills.

Calethium features familiar mechanics that online strategy game fans love, mixed with exciting gameplay. Thanks to its competitive nature and easy to understand gameplay, Calethium will be a fun gaming experience for anyone. You don’t have to be an experienced gamer to enjoy Calethium. Whether you are a student, or a worker stuck in an office all day, Calethium can be played by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Calethium has amazing opportunities for everyone to win. Rewards will be available from Day 1 for ages 18 and over with the game going live on August 31th.

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