Caitlin McCall, CEO of McCall Digital Marketing, transforms her career from scuba instructor to successful marketing agency owner

Caitlin McCall, the CEO of McCall Digital Marketing, has achieved remarkable success in the marketing industry, elevating her career from being a scuba instructor and niche influencer to becoming the owner of a marketing agency. In just four years, Caitlin has navigated through various industries, gaining recognition from industry leaders and earning prestigious accolades for exceptional achievements.

Caitlin’s journey began in the scuba diving industry, leveraging her passion for marketing and her bachelor’s degree in Advertising. She quickly established herself as a trusted professional among industry giants such as PADI and Scuba Diving Magazine. Within a year of launching her business, Caitlin received the distinguished Florida Keys College Alumna of the Year award, an honor that led to her delivering a keynote speech at the institution’s commencement ceremony.

Under Caitlin’s visionary leadership, McCall Digital Marketing has diversified its expertise, specializing in women-centered, women-run, and women-targeted businesses. Caitlin’s all-women team, complimented by her husband, who serves as the accountant, brings a unique perspective and creative approach to their work.

The agency’s success is attributed to its commitment to asynchronous working, which enables the team members to harness their creative energy, find work-life balance, and excel in their careers while navigating personal and family responsibilities.

As a woman in business, Caitlin has encountered numerous challenges, including clients and partners attempting to undercut her pricing and making assumptions that would not be imposed on male counterparts. Caitlin has embraced strength and assertiveness, shedding the people-pleasing tendencies ingrained in women from an early age.

McCall Digital Marketing specializes in helping businesses amplify their impact and achieve their goals through dynamic marketing campaigns. The agency’s expertise lies in organic and paid social media, complemented by comprehensive services such as email marketing, landing pages, marketing consulting, product shoots, and copywriting. They offer fully customizable solutions to cater to the specific needs of their clients, ensuring a collaborative and growth-focused partnership.

Caitlin McCall’s journey from scuba instructor to CEO of a thriving marketing agency inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and women in business. Her unwavering dedication, innovative strategies and commitment to empowering women-led enterprises have positioned McCall Digital Marketing as a reputable force in the industry.

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McCall Digital Marketing is a results-driven marketing agency that helps business maximize their potential through dynamic marketing campaigns. With a focus on organic and paid social media, the agency offers a wide range of services, including email marketing, landing pages, marketing consulting, product shoots, and copywriting. McCall Digital Marketing is known for its client-centric approach and commitment to empowering women-centered, women-run, and women-targeted businesses.

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