Caipiteal, an Investment Company in Ireland, is Helping People and Families Create Trans-Generational Wealth through Cutting-Edge Investment Strategies

9 out of 10 wealthy families lose their wealth by the third generation but Caipiteal is looking to change this narrative by providing investment solutions and helping families secure their wealth

Spreading their wealth or ensuring that their families continue to keep their fortune long after the founding parents have passed away is one of the main concerns for many wealthy individuals and families. This often leads to a serious financial situation and disturbing statistics show that 9/10 families cannot maintain the family wealth after the third generation. Caipiteal provides solutions to people who desire to make wealth and ensure it transcends beyond the third generation.

In a world where 10% of millionaires declare bankruptcy, 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation and 90% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the third generation, Caipiteal increases the chance of an individual or family remaining wealthy to close to 100%. The company has set up wealth management and investment structures that ensure they continue to pay clients and all their descendants for as long as the financial markets survive. They also have other auxiliary services, with one example being that they can change one charitable donation into annual charitable donations that last forever.

Caipiteal was involved in a series of events leading up to Black Friday 2022. The company’s involvement in these events shot it to the forefront of the world’s attention. The first event was the installation of a modern art sculpture at the Kilmacud Parish Church in the Leinster province of Ireland. By installing the sculpture, Caipiteal is passing a message that going around a barrier on a path is the surest way to get moving again.

After the sculpture’s installation, Caipiteal went on to introduce the Game Theory of World Peace. Caipiteal has allies in almost all countries, from the USA to North Korea. Prior to meeting with China, the White House was sent a copy of Caipiteal’s Game Theory of Collaboration document by Caipiteal CEO, Benjamin J Boyle. The global media had low hopes for the meeting but Xi Jingping and China’s statements around the meeting contained words right out of the Caipiteal document and USA and China relations drastically improved, to the extent that CNN even mentioned they are now allies.

Next, Caipiteal began to advertise their work in the field of quantum physics. The company announced that time travel has been invented. While many believe that time travel is a vague and unproven concept, Caipiteal has found a way around it. Caipiteal’s CEO Benjamin J Boyle works closely with top Noetic Scientists from The Institute of Noetic Sciences and has stored substantial data on transferring packets of data back in time. Places such as Harry Potter Land in the UK, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Seaworld in the USA and all the top casinos on the Los Vegas strip received constant marketing detailing exactly how to time travel.

What followed for Caipiteal was the announcement of how miracles work and that Caipiteal’s CEO Benjamin J Boyle had already stored irrefutable evidence of the science in action with top scientists, governments and religious leaders. The announcement spoke about quantum physics experiments such as the double slit experiment and how intention affects them. Caipiteal is still running its marketing campaign in Vatican City, where people who want to go have a look can. The most amazing part is Caipiteal managed to timestamp and store a miracle during its marketing campaign in the Vatican—the video proof is unlisted on Caipiteal’s YouTube channel.

Currently Caipiteal is running advertising all over Europe proving that Santa is Real. In an infinite multiverse you live this exact life, experience by experience and in one of the permutations Santa is 100% real, the experience is exactly the same.

In these, the primary focus for Caipiteal remains to help families build transgenerational wealth through proven, futuristic investment and wealth management strategies.

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