Caimito Fruits Panama is Helping the Local Community & Environment

Caimito Fruits Panama always prioritizes environmental sustainability and community welfare.

Caimito Fruits Panama, a leading European fruit exporter to niche markets, under the leadership of James Gooden & Donald Ewert has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare. The company proudly adheres to the Global Gap international certificate’s strict environmental and social requirements. Committed to preserving the environment, Caimito Fruits Panama utilizes only phytosanitary products authorized by the Department of Plant Health of the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama to meet Global Gap Standards. Annual analysis of fruits ensures compliance with Maximum Residue Limits. Global Gap is an international certificate with strict environmental and social requirements.

In line with their dedication to environmental stewardship, Caimito Fruits Panama employs specific modes of action for pest and disease control in pineapple crops, avoiding the indiscriminate use of pesticides. Implementing sustainable practices and strategies, including using biological products, decomposers of organic matter, resistance inducers, and integrated pest and crop management, allows the company to produce fruit in a sustainable system that respects the environment.


The efforts of Caimito Fruits Panama have not gone unnoticed. Donaldo Sousa, President of the Association of Environmental Law in Panama, said, “We are extremely pleased to see that Caimito Fruits Panama is involved in reforestation. We are happy that they do so much for the environment and community.”

Beyond their environmental initiatives, James Gooden & Donald Ewert ensure that Caimito Fruits Panama actively engage in social outreach programs. Each December, the company hosts a heartwarming Christmas party for children in the local community. With games, activities, a hotdog and popcorn stand, and personalized Christmas gifts for each child, the event brings joy to all.


Additionally, Caimito Fruits Panama celebrates Día del Niño, the national holiday honoring children in the country, by organizing an unforgettable party for the boys and girls of the Hogar San José de Malambo orphanage. This event features clowns, Micky Mouse, a live DJ, inflatable playgrounds, face painters, and delightful treats, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. Personalized and wrapped gifts tailored to each child’s age and gender add an extra touch of warmth and care.

Caimito Fruits Panama’s commitment to its local community extends further by generating over 40 direct jobs and more than 200 indirect jobs in the region. Their dedication to building a strong and supportive community is evident in their continuous efforts.


As an integral part of their community, Caimito Fruits Panama has received praise from neighboring residents. Agapito Rojas, Marco Díaz, and Eleuterio Garcia, who live near the farm, expressed their appreciation for their close relationship with the company. Eleuterio Garcia remarked, “I’m happy to be a part of the Caimito Fruits Family. They are great neighbors and appreciate all the jobs they create and all they do for the local community.”

Caimito Fruits Panama’s commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and community welfare solidifies its position as an industry leader. By championing these values, they export high-quality fruits and positively impact the environment and the lives of individuals within their local community.

About Caimito Fruits Panama

Caimito Fruits Panama is a renowned fruit exporter based in Panama. Under the guidance and leadership of James Gooden & Donald Ewert, the company specializes in delivering premium fruits to niche markets in Europe. Committed to environmental sustainability and community welfare, Caimito Fruits Panama upholds stringent standards to ensure the highest quality produce while positively impacting the environment and the local community.

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