CableFi releases a one-of-a-kind software designed to improve workflow and productivity for structured cabling companies

CableFi is a 2020-founded one-stop-solution software for structured cabling companies. They have expertise in structured cabling for information & communications technology (ICT). New construction, fit-ups, & network infrastructure & technology upgrades for commercial, data center, education, government, and healthcare facilities are a part of their field of work. CableFi helps to improve productivity & simplifies structured cabling companies’ monitoring results. They are easy to operate, even for a non-technical person. From set-up to deployment, they provide tips, proper guidance & easy instructions on everything.

CableFi has developed a platform that decreases man-hour efficiency and saves excessive amounts of time. CableFi software was born out of a necessity like any other great invention. Companies with large footprints and comprehensive cable structure have hard to manage statistics at the terminal stage, which CableFi made feasible. CableFi, with its advanced software, makes blueprint sync easy. No need for technicians to rush back and forth; they get the full structuring details at their palms. To know how, what, why’s about CableFi you can watch this,

They help deal with specific areas of a building rather than tracking only the milestones like many of the other project management tools do.

From efficient handling of a project within budgeted time, leads client’s to undertake more projects. Thus a lot of manual labour is conserved which in turn would obviously increase the efficiency of technicians.

CableFi is a tool that saves a lot of time which otherwise gets consumed in reporting. CableFi is beneficial for both a project manager and the clients. As the clients get the whole detailed analysis of how many sites they have and which cable to keep and the project manager gets insight into the whole thing at a place which can be understood at a glance.

“When we started taking on big projects that had hundreds of cables with large foot prints, communication and keeping all team members in sync was a nightmare. We implemented CableFi and immediately saw a 30% increase in labor hour efficiency. CableFi has been our secret weapon and key to doubling our revenue year over year for the last 3 years.” – Scott Sitzer

Hear CEO of CableFi Scott Sitzer walk you through the portal and explain it completely at

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