Announces New Lineup of Football Gear

New Editions to the Team Include Visors, Backplates, Mouthpieces, Sports Shades today announced their 2023 roster for the upcoming football season. Joining the successful BV5 Sports Blaze Workout tutorials determined athletes can now add protective gear with awesome flair. 

The 2023 introductions include football helmet visors that attach inside the helmet for safety and clearer visibility. Whether staring into the sun or the eyes of the opponent, the selection of BV5 Football Visors are game changers for any player. The BV5 Football Visor Collection includes ten unique safety inside the helmet visors. They include, clear, mirror, 24KT, Phoenix, clear green, the GOAT, and more. Easily attached and detached the BV5 Football Visors are a vision enhancement for all helmets. 

A limited-edition sports visor currently on the special teams lineup at BV5 Sports is the specially crafted Batman visor. Designed in the classic bat shape for the dark knight, this limited-edition football helmet visor is offered in exciting color choices. 

Protection is everything when playing the rough and tumble sport of football. Every football player wants the latest protection to take their game to the next level of safety. The back plate is designed to protect the lower back, kidneys, and spine. BV5SPORTS.COM back plates are designed to securely hang from the shoulder pads down to the vital lower back area adding one more layer of depth protection to the body. Currently available in three designs with more in the process, BV5 Sports back plates are not cosmetic they are a necessity on the field of play. 

The Mouthpiece is an essential part of protective football gear. BV5 Sports is offering a full line of mouth guards for the football player. They include over fifteen varieties in unique patterns—strong, durable teeth protection with attachable clasps for easy in and out in between plays. Never search for a mouthguard again, the BV5 Football mouthpieces attach to the helmet faceguard.

On and off the field BV5 Sports shades for male and female stars are the supreme visibility accessory for spectators and players. Currently available in Aqua, Hulk, and 24 KT, BV5 Sports Shades bring the cool to any style.

Rounding out the starting lineup of the BV5 2023 Season and joining the successful BV5 Sports Blaze Ultimate Workout tutorials are the specially crafted and designed Smoothies. These “just the hood without the sweatshirt” accessories can be worn on and off the field. The limited merchandise section at BV5 Sports is a revolving collection of unique sportswear and accessories. It currently includes Blaze WrongWay And FtF Kool Vintage Merch.

The pre-season lineup of every football team is always affected by injuries, cuts, and additions. The BV5 Sports Collection is always in flux with new additions. 


BV5Sports.Com is one of 5 companies founded by Rudolph Ingram, a serial entrepreneur focused on offering quality merchandise and exceptional services. The current focus of is football merchandise. Its foundational product line includes the Blaze Ultimate Workout subscription. is researching and designing a full line of sports-related protective equipment, essentials, and off-the-field merchandise. It is currently ironing out the business plans to launch a sports management team to negotiate and manage Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities for athletes. 

About The Founder:

Rudolph Ingram while serving 2 years in prison was determined to turn his life around. He wanted to set an example for his children and show them that determination, grit, hard work, and planning pays off.  

In the five years since his release, Mr. Ingram began to achieve his goals with a detailed plan as a full-time entrepreneur. He is currently the partner and founder of 5 businesses including In the past twelve months, his business ventures have generated over six figures in sales.

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