Is Set to Revolutionize the E-Commerce and Retail Systems

Decentralized markets allow us to replicate online the ability to buy or sell goods and services directly between people in a much faster way. The decentralized strategies have recently appeared after the financial revolution made by cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them, the blockchain, which allows trading under a safe and straightforward protocol regardless of region or coin. 


Instead of having a hierarchical procedure as a channel, where through its website it offers a meeting point for buyers and sellers, the decentralized markets connect buyers and sellers directly with each other. This technology is possible thanks to the execution of peer-to-peer (P2P) programs and the use of cryptocurrencies to execute payments. is the newest powerful working project that applies all of these qualities in one digital ecosystem.

A profitable disruptive technology available to everyone

The ICO is a pioneering e-commerce protocol and infrastructure, developed for the benefit of consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and the online retail community, creating a direct investment link that allows the various transactions within the system to be carried out with total transparency, contributing users with a traceable data record – available at all times – located in an encrypted network of nodes., being a decentralized online software, provides the e-commerce industry with a new perspective, capable of taking a step beyond the centralized versions like eBay, Amazon and others. The use of a local cryptocurrency as payment erases the previous borders and unlocks a new business industry: a solution backed by many important brands like, Revlon, Hitachi and many more.

Some advantages are:

  • Access to markets: Thanks to the limitless range granted by the blockchain technology, is launching a new platform for manufacturers to join the commercial frontier with a system similar to Airbnb; something they could never have been part of while using the traditional methods of the current oligopoly.
  • Competitive prices: Due to its integrated vertical system, retailers receive prices directly by bulk order quotes available once the standard is reached, which gives the customers the best price catalog.
  • Unrestricted Purchasing: Problems such as the restraint of delivery to particular areas or countries will no longer exist in the world. The ecosystem integrates an extensive delivery network designed to make the client’s goods arrive at the last mile.

Now, let’s give it a closer look to the functioning of the digital infrastructure that is about to revolutionize the market.


An issue that has blocked e-commerce development has been storage capacity. The primary engine approach of, the micro-distribution, fuses the blockchain information systems with the value offer adapting to a highly fragmented market frame. The ICO allows users to be an active component of the company by the acquisition of tokens and transforming domestic spaces to distribution centers alongside with the cooperation with vehicle owners to perform as delivery operators.

Multiple capacities

Regardless of the nature of the client (consumers, small companies or manufacturers), the platform features real-time shipping data to optimize drop-shipping performance. This public blockchain, in contrast with the centralized competition, doesn’t require long permits or bureaucratic processes. Also, members of the platform receive tokenized rewards in referral concepts that can be later exchanged for products.

The dApp

Currently in development, is building a mobile platform linked to all social media in which, besides providing access to the entire inventory, the community will also be created, in order to encourage the system’s improvement with feedback. Since it is a crypto-solution, users will have an e-wallet available, which is meant to store their liquid capital and realize transactions.

A Reliable And Unique Solution is a user-friendly online space aimed at enhancing the commercial industry and the crypto-enthusiast community. The smart contract technology, combined with an excellent business plan that accompanies the company’s protocol translates into:

  • An immediate and precise response.
  • Payments to be automatically released once the goods are purchased.
  • The products are checked and quickly replaced in stock.

The importance of this ICO lies in the possibility offered by the combination of decentralized and open source technologies of cryptocurrencies and Peer-to-Peer approaches. Thanks to, we are entering the next level in the evolution of information exchange on the Internet, where we no longer only send and receive data, but we can trade goods and services freely backed by distributed platform.

You can participate in the Pre-Sale, scheduled for October 1, 2018, and get Whitelisted to receive all the information about developments, news related to e-commerce and crypto in addition to following the different launching stages.

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