Buy Used Forklifts From Planet Forklift And Have Them Delivered Free Of Charge To All 50 States Of The United States

Planet Forklift is one of the leading businesses in the new and used forklifts sales business. The company has proven over the years to be the best, and a leading voice in the forklift business and they have acted as the perfect enabler for many businesses for over ten years now.

They have helped companies save more money by buying their forklifts for them. Moreover, now the company is happy to announce again that they are taking that cost saving opportunity their customers have enjoyed over the years to a brand new level. They announced that they are adding a dimension of additional cost saving and a dimension of convenience.

Planet Forklift made this announcement at their annual stakeholders’ event, which attracted major players in the material handling industry and a lot of big players in the manufacturing industry. This news came as a real joy to those present at the event that has been looking for new ways of reducing fixed costs in their companies. A Procurement Officer for his company expressed his joy at the announcement when he said that a major part of the costs to his company when they buy heavy-duty material handling equipment is the shipping. He said that the new development by Planet Forklift would reduce their cost by 30%. Another stakeholder present at the event expressed how the news would excite the board members of his company because it would get rid of a major bottleneck that they have been trying to fix for years in their business. He was happy that they could now get the best used forklifts for sale from the company without having to worry about the problem of shipping.

The CEO of Planet Forklift said during the announcement that, to the applause of those present at the event, “This development has been a long time coming. Moreover, we have worked day and night tirelessly to give our customers another kind of experience where they do not have to lift a finger for their forklifts to arrive wherever they want it and whenever they want across all 50 states.” He further said that the company is “a company that is dedicated to helping their customers cut costs. Moreover, we are happy also to help them cut the cost of shipping and to even add another attractive dimension to what they enjoy when they buy from us. We have added the dimension of absolute convenience.” He was also quick to reiterate the strength of the services of the company such that anyone can get the best forklifts for sale from them, whether what they want are rough terrain forklifts for sale or the best Electric Forklifts for sale. The company is one of the most versatile forklifts sales companies in the United States. Thisis proven by the fact that they have a very strong presence in over 28 locations across the country.

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