Buy Coffee Pods and Coffee Machines for Christmas Gifts this Year

Coffee making machines are featuring in this year’s top 10 appliances for Christmas gifts – but where dooes one buy coffee pods to go with it?

A coffee making machine could be the perfect gift to treat coffee loving mom and dad, son, daughter, mother in law, wife or husband this Christmas and Invigo Coffee has issued a special Christmas guide for those looking for coffee pods to go with their coffee machine gifts.

A spokesperson from Invigo coffee said: “It is all well and good having an all singing and all dancing coffee making machine, but if you don’t use the best coffee pods, then it will be a wasted gift.

“At Invigo Coffee, we are committed to delivering the very best coffee in Canada for our customers. So, we have decided to issue a special Christmas guide to help people choose the very best coffee to accompany their coffee machines gifts.

  • Are the capsules compatible with the machine you have bought? Invigo Coffee Capsules are Nespresso compatible.
  • What is the background behind the coffee capsules you are buying? Is there an emphasis on research and development to create the best coffee their pods?
  • Can they deliver the balance of full bodied and sweet flavours that coffee drinkers demand?
  • Which coffee bean do they use? Coffee arabica is the best coffee bean.
  • Where is the coffee grown? The best coffee beans come from very specific microclimates in Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Ethiopia.
  • Are they handpicked? Coffee beans ripen at different times, so if all beans are harvested at the same time, unripe and unpleasant tasting coffee beans are mixed in with ripe berries, giving a substandard and poor quality flavour
  • Do they have a team of tasters who travel to the coffee bean farms every year to personally check on the quality and flavours of the coffee beans? The quality of coffee beans can change from one year to the next, so you can’t rely on quality year in year out. A team on the ground will help to ensure the best beans are sourced
  • Have they used the latest in roasting and grounding techniques?
  • Are there different blends that have been developed by a team of experienced experts to create coffee pods with unique aromas, flavours and tastes?

“This might sound like a lot of things to consider when choosing coffee pods, but if you are buying coffee for a coffee connoisseur, these are exactly the factors you need to be considering if you want to get them the very best coffee to go with their shiny new coffee machine,” he added.

Invigo Coffee has produced a range of quality coffee pods for even the most seasoned coffee expert, including Invigo Coffee Vanilla, Invigo Coffee Classic, Invigo Coffee Boost, Invigo Coffee Chocolate and Invigo Coffee Caramel.

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Invigo Coffee manufactures high quality coffee pods and capsules. They aim to create the best coffee for coffee drinkers in Canada. They use the very best coffee beans from across the world and have a team of experts who the latest technology to create the very best quality coffee.

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