August, Stockholm – Weaver Records artist, DJMWB releases a new video BUSY. The new video is coming off the back of the recent launch of his music album Busy release on July 29. DJMWB is a  singer, writer, and master of production. The song, BUSY chronicles the challenges posed by the economy-driven society in the real world where effort, hard work, determination, and perseverance is required to survive and achieve remarkable success.

At age fourteen, DJMWB started playing in a traditional band as a percussionist and background vocalist. His passion and love for music grew as he began to write his own songs. Influenced by artists such as Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Wyclef Jean and Tupac Shakur, DJMWB kickstarted his music career with the creative mix up of what is happening, robust blend of sounds and lyrics.

Busy was produced and written by DJMWB. The song can watch on YouTube

In a chat up with DJMWB, he says, “The path to success is never easy; you have to stay focused to survive. The only way to achieve your goals in this economy-driven society is through hard work, determination, and perseverance. There’s no escape from responsibility, but you can do everything to the best of your ability. Getting busy is the pathway to success”.

He further described the song as a message to everyone on the need to stay focused.

The video is available on YouTube on his YouTube channel

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