Business Name Change to Disability Help Group of Arizona

Arizona, USA – January 10, 2018 – The Disability Help Center Arizona, an advocacy firm providing services geared toward helping individuals to be successful with their disability claims has changed their business name to Disability Help Group of Arizona. The name change seeks to more fully incorporate the concept of many people helping the one in need. The advocacy firm acts as a communication link between Social Security and the client while working closely with disability examiners and assisting with social security processes.

The company was built to serve those who need help the most. “No one plans on becoming disabled, but when it happens, it is very difficult to manage financially and emotionally. Many of them just want help in the form of someone who has done this before to help guide the way,” says owner Dave Osborn.  Although Disability Help Group’s primary purpose is to do whatever they can to help people be successful in applying for disability benefits, they also have a network of social service providers they refer to in order to help individuals with their needs. “This is not a fast-moving process, unfortunately. Having access to extra resources to help goes a long way when you feel alone,” says Mr. Osborn.

Disability Help Group of Arizona takes great pride in doing everything possible to get benefits awarded at the initial level. The national average for getting awarded benefits is around 22% currently.  The Disability Help Group has a goal of getting 40% of their clients approved at the initial level. “There are certain things that you can do to increase that success rate that isn’t that hard to do. But you do need to know what they are to do them!” says Laura, the Office Manager. Most clients come for help when they first start the application process.  But Laura suggests that it may be even more important to have legal representation at the hearing.  “Obviously you want to get it right the first time. But if you don’t, you generally have to wait over two and a half years before you can see a judge. That’s a long time to wait to not have everything necessary in order,” says Laura

Dave does the bulk of the hearings with the clients. “Knowing the judges’ tendencies and the way they like to run their courtroom, I help to make the experience much less intimidating for the client and much more likely for success. I take the necessary time to prep each client for the hearing by telling them what to expect and how to prepare.” The manager, Laura, added that “I have always loved to learn about different areas of our government’s system in order to better assist others. I am glad to be part of the Disability Help Group of Arizona, where people with mental or physical impairments are able to get the direction they need for social security benefits.”

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About Disability Help Group of Arizona

The Disability Help Group of Arizona, formerly Disability Help Center Arizona, was initially a resource center formed to provide help and guidance to individuals having difficulties in receiving their disability benefits. The resource center expanded to include a legal team, to further help these individuals in new ways by providing attorney services to them, if needed. We are totally committed to putting all efforts all the way to the courtroom to represent those clients who we are so passionate about, and understand so well having been with them from the beginning.

Currently led by volunteers and disability advocates, The Disability Help Group has successfully helped thousands of people receive the Social Security disability benefits they deserve.

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