Business and Personal Benefits of Bartering on Blockchain using MYTC

Introducing bartering on blockchain for the first time.

MYTC, which is introducing bartering on blockchain for the first time, is luring clients in by offering a host of benefits on both business and personal fronts. These benefits are a direct result of the process of bartering and are a great deal for businesses looking to make more than a bang for their buck.

In the sphere of business, these novel tokens can enhance profitability and efficiency while aiding in operations and advertising. One of the major advantages it provides when it comes to business is that enables users to generate cash sales while selling on trade, and earning Trade Dollars. The pros of bartering maybe explained by taking the example of services such as hotel rooms or movie theatres, where customers not only pay for the primary service but go on to purchase and consume secondary services such as food, beverages etc. which add to the cash inflow that can be utilised to make improvements and investments. Millions of such small and large businesses make use of reciprocal trade or barter to make such additional monetized services possible. What MYTC does is it creates a decentralised platform allowing usage of a common currency to conduct such barter on the side while the business continues to work on its primary services and cash sales. By linking up businesses that need and provide complementary services, MYTC makes bartering a hassle-free process.

Another major benefit that we see is in turning trade tokens into liquid cash. Usually all members of trade exchanges make purchases in cash that may be exchanged in barter and then resold for cash. Trade brokers usually come to the aid of users in finding such avenues. For example, if a garage partners with firms for oil change and auto detailing, it can obviously pay for the services of its partners through reciprocal trade while generating cash from its customers eager to get one-stop solutions to all their automobile issues. By making creative tweaks to the process of business, MYTC can fuel business expansion and profits with great efficiency.

The use of barter and especially Trade Dollars can become particularly useful when it comes to advertising. Advertising on radio, television, etc. can draw in customers and boost sales. It represents a perishable service, something that cannot be withdrawn or turned back after it has been delivered once. By using Trade Dollars and utilizing it to get advertising, which boosts overall sales and profit margins, barter can make for quite a favourable deal for any business owner. The business owner loses out nothing in terms of actual cash but gains potential profits and cash inflows. The MYTC platform makes such a transaction a reality by coordinating the barter system effectively.

The advantages provided by bartering on blockchain is great on the personal front as well. In Real Estate, the effects are particularly visible. Even when a user suffers a cash loss in theory, in reality, he/she can enjoy incremental values in Trade Dollars which can eventually be liquidated. With a hard asset with increasing value, like Real Estate, Trade Dollars can signify substantial cash profits. Even improvements made on a property, which leads to rent increases, can be made largely cash-free by the use of tokens to make acquisition of services reciprocal.

Secondly, it can allow for barter mortgages, where Trade Tokens are used to pay monthly interest and principal.  As seen in the case of a New Jersey house recently, equity payments can be made via trade tokens and the rest settled in cash.

Equity Trading can also be helped by bartering. Design, advertisement, legal services, etc. can be paid by Trade Tokens while cash inflow as a result of it gets boosted.

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