Bubblr Debuts on the OTC Market with Mission to Change the Rules of the Internet

When Bubblr Inc. (OTC: BBLR) began to trade as a public company on September 15, 2020, investors quickly welcomed the addition and embraced the company’s mission to change the rules of the internet. 

As a disruptor, Bubblr aims to transform the way consumers do business in industries across the spectrum, from travel to taxes and everything between. The company focus is on that “between,” and Bubblr wants to change the status quo in a business that has continued to burden consumers with questionable practices: the internet itself. The good news is that this small-cap company has big ideas — and they are each designed to benefit the more than 70% of companies that invest in content marketing. Bubblr’s mission is to bring quality, trustworthy, and transparent practices to millions of internet users worldwide. 

Bubblr is also willing to do what some other large tech companies won’t: build ethical technology to disrupt the unregulated world of online content. Its platform will sustainably match users and content providers to small and medium-sized businesses, all without tracking, storing, or selling user’s personal information. The endgame is to eliminate the practice of large-cap, pay-to-play domination by providing an ad-free venue that will allow small to mid-sized enterprises to compete fairly and transparently. 

Bubblr launched in 2015 and has remained true to its founding principles. The company offers content creators an alternative economic model that rewards them via consumption metrics, instead of today’s standard CPM or CPC metrics. For businesses, the model also allows them to participate in the Ad-Free Marketplace based solely on relevancy instead of the size of their wallets – purposefully leveling the playing field so small suppliers can compete with big players. Better still, for users in an industry plagued with privacy concerns, Bubblr will empower the end-user with a superior search experience that doesn’t come at the cost of compromising their data.

This timely business model ensures Bubblr will not likely succumb to business partnerships with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) or Facebook (NASDAQ: FB),  the two giants that make multi-billions of dollars off its users’ data and simple search queries.

A Patented Platform for Global Disruption

The technology behind Bubblr is compelling. The company was awarded a U.S. patent for its platform design, which is built to attract small to mid-size enterprises (SME’s) and users who want to navigate online content through a socially responsible user interface that doesn’t mine personal data with every click.

The platform also provides a more level playing field for smaller companies to competefor business while still being friendly to all companies. Bubblr offers a simple model compared to other paid search platforms that inevitably censor smaller enterprises by showcasing the world’s most prominent and wealthy players.

To get around this financially unfair pay-per-click search model, Bubblr business partners pay a low monthly subscription fee to be listed on its network. Industry-specific businesses select their location and relevant local activities. The more detailed these profiles are, the likelier their company will end up in front of users conducting relevant searches. Bubblr’s model rewards authenticity as opposed to promotional spending. As a result, users enjoy fair, content-based search result listings.

For instance, if a user wants to find a quiet nature retreat B&B, the populated search returns would generate results from suppliers most relevant to that query. The end-user can then upvote or downvote the result, or flag it as entirely irrelevant, improving the algorithm for future searches. Not only does the platform design encourage user participation in rankings, but its ethical business model appeals to a younger generation that demands fair, unbiased, and secure digital services.

According to Bubblr Holdings CEO Steven Saunders, the company is building toward its goal of at least one million regular monthly users and 100,000 suppliers across different categories of services and products. Once that mass is reached, the subscription model comes into effect. This will provide content creators who helped capture users through their content creation a share in the revenue rewards of developing the eco-system. That drive is well underway and will be further supported by Matt Loeb, the recently announced Chair of the Advisory Board. He brings decades of extensive senior executive experience to Bubblr. 

For more information, visit: https://youtu.be/2OAoF-jdA7Q

Bubblr’s Brand Expansion

Beyond its search capabilities, Bubblr is expanding its brand through thoughtful services and features. Its NewzMine application allows users to curate custom content through their media created channels while giving publishers the ability to focus on quality journalism while tapping into a new revenue stream. Bubblr’s App Factory allows online influencers to create custom apps that provide them with a direct communication channel, which they own, to their follower’s phones to share multi-media content.

Content creators such as journalists and influencers gain more control of their communication channels, push more traffic to their existing ad revenue, and earn 50% of the revenue generated through their users on Bubblr’s Ad-Free Marketplace. The better the content, the higher the reward for its creators. The goal of content consumption provides a real incentive to produce valuable, relevant content that users will endorse. It’s a win/win/win proposition for Bubblr, content creators, and suppliers.

The platform also has inherent advantages to users and suppliers

  • Beyond the privacy component, there are no logins or cookies, and users remain anonymous to Bubblr.
  • Suppliers get noticed based on listings’ relevance and accuracy in relation to queries regardless of their size. Every supplier pays the same amount, so there is no gaming the system.
  • Content providers are rewarded with revenue-sharing opportunities from Bubblr’s mobile ad-free marketing platform. The more content they create to help grow the platform, the more they stand to make.

Consequently, the business model can attract both users who demand privacy and skilled creators who can earn money by developing compelling content. The model positions Bubblr as a disruptor of the existing broken economic search models that reward based on ad dollars spent.

Bubblr Goes Public and Promotes Genuine Content over Fake News 

With Bubblr having become a publicly-traded company, it can now access public markets to expedite measured growth while providing transparency to investors and the public. 

Bubblr takes transparency seriously at every level. One of its initiatives is to further develop its use of blockchain to authenticate genuine content and avoid promoting “fake news.” This core value of providing reliable search results and factual content served as the backbone on how to grow Bubblr’s digital audience.

This revolutionary company’s timing could not be better, and will likely benefit from investors interested in supporting socially responsible companies. Headlines show that a global movement is in place, shifting the focus away from international conglomerates that thrive on profit over ethics. 

That trend is starting to pinch companies like Facebook, and Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR), which are losing a large share of younger audiences to competing platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram as concerns about private data and censorship increase. According to a Harvard Kennedy School study, socially accountable investing reached $26 trillion in 2018, which will be to Bubblr’s benefit.

Ultimately, Bubblr’s strength and appeal are its simplicity. Its patented technology, strategic mission, and moral compass will appeal to a generation passionate about returning the internet to its original vision: a transparent, fair, and private platform.

That would indeed be something to click on.

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