Bronstein Releases 15-Year Digital Self-Help Archive, At No Charge To Help Those In COVID-19 Lockdown

April 3rd, 2020 The COVID-19 lockdown may be experienced as extreme confinement by some, but not so for many who view it as a unique challenge to improve one’s self and to dare to break beyond their current, often self-imposed limitations. Such is the sincere belief of Stanley Bronstein, author and creator Of, who made the bold decision to create the site and release a robust 15-year digital archive of his books, videos and materials to the general public, free of charge.

“This shutdown is an opportunity for us to reflect and to decide what’s important to us. It’s an opportunity for us to slow down, to reflect and to change our lives for the better. If we change our lives for the better, we will positively change our world as well,” said Mr. Bronstein. “I am releasing this material for free to help anyone find some sense of comfort and peace in the midst of these unprecedented times we are living in. It is my sincere hope that will become an online community and online resource, both during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond, for those with a sincere interest in self-development and in making positive changes in their lives and in our world.”

Mr. Bronstein has worked tirelessly for 15 years to produce invaluable digital resources that address a broad range of subjects around motivation; living with boldness and taking consistent action; envisioning a brighter future; meditating; setting goals and going after them.

“Very inspiring and articulate way to tackle life’s challenges and make changes, without getting bogged down in overthinking details,” said Lauren S. from Austin, Texas, a dedicated follower of Bronstein’s work. “Looking at things through the 15-step system gives us the tools to move forward in creating the life we want, in an inspired, productive way. Change is possible.”

Those keen on benefiting from’s free digital self-help archive can do so by visiting to download Quantum Sanctuary podcast episodes and much of Mr. Bronstein’s writings in digital form.

To learn more about the Quantum Sanctuary, Mr. Bronstein’s inspiring life journey and thrilling body of work, please visit:

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