Brittney Kendle of Faith over Fear Throws More Light on the Paradigm Shift That Changed Her Life with the Launch of Her Book – From Fear to Faith

Passionate About the Less Privileged and Vulnerable, Brittney Kendle Shares Her Days of Gloom and Anguish and how she was able to Scale through to Inspire and help distressed people within her community

Brittney Kendle, popularly recognized for her passion for helping the homeless, less privileged, and spiritually vulnerable, has taken her purpose further by culminating her bleak history into her most recent book to provide hope to the hopeless and remind those in distress about God’s unending love.

The book, titled ‘From Fear to Faith’ delivers a message of great hope to anyone going through a difficult situation. The book strives to demonstrate God’s Faithfulness as the Author, Brittney Kendle claims in a statement.

“From Fear to Faith takes you on a tour through the dark places in my life, times when I felt like giving up. The challenges became so complicated that suicide felt like the only option. Yet, God has a way of showing up at the right time to turn a mess into a miracle. Join me on a journey as we explore the shift that changed my life.”

Brittney Kendle is passionate about sharing God’s love with those abandoned by society. She goes about providing Support, Love, and Faith, in a bid to turn lives around and facilitate the reintegration of the Homeless into society. She and her team, through the ‘Faith over Fear Transition Center,’ a nonprofit organization established by Brittney Kendle in 2020, provide material and immaterial support, including a full year of housing to help the dispossessed and vagabond prepare for a new life.

Homelessness in the United States is a growing menace to the development of human resources, and as such, calls for a National Emergency. According to HUD Exchange, Approximately 17 out of 10,000 people in the US experience homelessness every day. The White House further puts the total number of homeless people in the US at an estimated 552,830.

Homelessness is an unnatural disaster that leaves its victims vulnerable to numerous psychological and health problems. This is evident in the disparity of the life expectancy between the sheltered and homeless. The life expectancy of the average American is 78.7 years, however, for the homeless is 50 years. According to National Homeless, 13000 homeless people die yearly in the United States.

Brittney Kendle yearns for her organization’s range to cover the United States, helping every single displaced homeless person out of their bleak predicaments. However, for those she cannot physically help at the moment, she hopes that her debut book, ‘From Fear to Faith’ helps to restore their faith and belief in God.

For more information about ‘From Fear to Faith,’ kindly visit The organization also has a presence on various social media platforms. 

About Brittney Kendle

Brittney Kendle is a passionate and devoted believer of the Christian faith who focuses on developing new means to help the homeless and vulnerable. She is the proud founder of a non-profit organization, ‘Faith over Fear Transition Center,’ which helps homeless people find their way back into society. She is also the proud first-time author of a Christian-motivational book titled ‘From Fear to Faith.’

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