Brilliant Vehicle for Students – Airwheel E3 Backpack Electric Folding Bike

Airwheel E3 backpack e bike is the second product in Airwheel E series, followed E6. For those school students, E3 portable electric bike is such a wonderful commuting tool that provides both convenience and pleasures to their life.

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For students, Airwheel E3 works as a fantastic and innovative way of daily commuting due to its mini design and fashionable style. Truthfully, E3 enables school boys to enjoy more pleasures from daily riding and have a fantastic extra curriculum activities with the brilliant E3. Firstly, it works as an effective way of daily commuting for students. Instead of taking buses or bicycling, students can take Airwheel E3 citizen e-bike to school fast and safely.

Riding with E3 is more exciting and pleasurable compared with traditional way of daily commuting. Students are able to enjoy a fast riding with a standing-posture riding, which is similar with surfing with a scooter on road. With E3, those students can arrive school on time every day because they will never wait in the sluggishly moving traffic flow, instead, they can ride E3 through those narrow streets with faster speed, enjoying a more convenient and flexible way of commuting between school and houses.

E3 smart electric folding bike

Secondly, Airwheel E3 provides students with a new way of daily entertainment. Due to the modular design of battery system, students are free from the anxiety of power-out. Besides, they can recharge the E3 smart electric folding bike in school trough the USB interface.

Due to the sufficient power supply, those school students are able to enjoy a speedy scooter riding or even have a riding race after school with their favorite E3. It is able to speed up to its top speed of 20km/h quickly, enabling those passionate students to enjoy a speedy riding.

Airwheel E3 portable electric bike

Thirdly, Airwheel E3 portable electric bike serves as an effective way to make like-minded friends. The friendship in school period is priceless and they will become your life-long friends to share your joy and sadness. From this point, you need to own the E3. Truthfully, with the amazing Airwheel E3, students will enjoy a more wonderful extra curriculum activities with friends, and have more entertainments.

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