Brendon Brady: From Langley to the Limelight in Inked Magazine Contest

Brendon Brady: From Langley to the Limelight in Inked Magazine Contest
Brendon Brady – 5 Fires on Tiktok
Tattoo enthusiasts are likely familiar with the annual *Inked Magazine Originals Contest*, a fierce competition that uncovers some of the most intricate and captivating body art globally. This year, one of Langley’s own, Brendon Brady, stands poised in the semi-finals, vying for both the coveted prize and a feature in Inked Magazine.

Langley, BC – 38-year-old Brendon Brady’s love affair with tattoos isn’t new. From his adolescent years, tattoos became his canvas of self-expression, weaving tales of his life experiences, beliefs, and dreams. Each ink tells a unique story: whether it’s the ocean-themed foot with its detailed octopus and waves, the lighthouse juxtaposed with a witch on his upper leg, or the cosmos dancing on his arm. His tattoos echo the essence of nature, family, and life’s invaluable lessons.

Brendon’s connection to art isn’t just skin deep. A native of Langley, BC, his youthful days saw him strumming bass guitars in local bands. Music became his solace, especially after facing personal setbacks. His emotional breakup pushed him towards singing, which turned therapeutic.

Now, the Inked Magazine competition isn’t just a testament to his body art but a beacon towards realizing his ambition of becoming a professional singer. In the past year, he has poured his soul into singing lessons, with the melody of his journey resonating deeply with him. Winning the contest isn’t just about recognition for his tattoos, but also about amplifying his aspirations in the music realm.

What’s next for Brady if he clinches the title? “I plan to invest in completing my back tattoo and kick starting my right leg’s artwork,” says Brendon. “And, of course, a part of it will be a down payment for my upcoming music album.”

His journey and efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Through his engaging live streams on TikTok under the handle @5_fires, Brendon has amassed an impressive following. With a combined fan base of 70,000 across multiple platforms, his digital footprint is expanding, one tattoo and tune at a time.

Supporters and fans can rally behind Brendon by casting their complimentary vote daily on the Inked Magazine website. Voting concludes on October 15th. Witness his artistry and become a part of his journey by visiting

Langley, renowned for its artistic spirit, has always fostered talents like Brendon. Community members recall a young, energetic boy, always with a sketchbook or guitar in hand, lost in his world of creation. Today, they see a determined man, with stories inked on his skin and melodies on his lips, ready to capture a global audience. The Inked Magazine Cover Contest is more than a competition for Brendon; it’s a validation of his artistic choices and a stepping stone towards his musical dreams. As the countdown to the final vote begins, Langley waits with bated breath, hoping to see one of their own shine on an international stage.

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