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Louisiana Family Attorney Expects Busy Period with Start of New Year

Every new year not only brings new beginnings but sometimes it brings new health insurance questions and divorce.  Pamela Breedlove, licensed Family Law Attorney, has seen many different cases come in over the past week and she is standing by to assist her clients in everyone possible way.  Pamela specializes in three different forms of law: Civil Mediation, Healthcare Law, and Family Mediation.

Civil Mediation

Mediation is a way to settle a dispute between two or more opposing parties without using a third person, known as a mediator, to be involved.  This is a great way for two people to be able to settle all of their issues without dragging in other people or causing an ordeal.  What usually happens is that everyone will initially meet privately and then take a brief recess to discuss the meeting with their representatives.  After the initial meeting has begun, negotiations then begin to come to a final agreement that is then written down and signed by both agreeing parties.

Healthcare Law

With the New Year brings many new questions for people about their healthcare options and rights.  There are so many options and changing laws that it often confuses people.  When a person goes to the doctor or hospital or uses their insurance, they are not always fully aware of their rights or if their health care provider acting in compliance with all of the healthcare laws.

There are often times that the roles can be reserved and a healthcare provider is seeking representation against a patient’s false claim.  A healthcare provider takes their licensing and medical oath very seriously, and false accusations can harm their career forever.

Family Mediation

This is a special form of mediation very similar to civil mediation, but this specializes in helping to resolve family disputes.  This is often the most recommended option for people who have to make negotiations that involve children.  Divorce alone on a child can be life-altering, and when both parties can quickly, but calmly resolve their issues, it has a less harmful impact on the children.  This form of mediation also involves the opinions and requests of the children, if old enough, and is used to help determine the final outcome of the dispute.

So whether you are curious about your patient rights or need some advice on that possible pending divorce, you can head over to sign up for a free consultation.  The great team at Breedlove Law Firm will gladly assist you with all of your needs.

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Pamela Breedlove has been an attorney for over 25 years and has the license to practice in the states of Louisiana and Georgia.  She received her law degree from Georgia State University College of Law where she then proceeded to become a law clerk and eventually opened Breedlove Law Firm in 2012.

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