Breedlove Law Firm offers civil and family mediation, civil mediation and healthcare law

A family law, divorce attorney in Bossier City, Louisiana Breedlove Law Firm also has Police and Fire Civil Service Law. Pamela Breedlove is licensed to practice law in Louisiana and Georgia since 1992

When you hear the term “family law” it is the term that describes any law issues that involves the family—divorce, custody, support, the division of assets, elder guardianship, or any other variety of issues relating to families. 


When you are experiencing any of the above family law issues, the Breedlove Law firm is here to help.  Pamela Breedlove appreciates when people have family law matters and how those issues can affect the entire family unit.  The attorneys at the Breedlove Law Firm make every effort to resolve these issues as amicable as possible for all parties involved. 


The Breedlove Law Firm offers a cooperative family mediation which allows parents to speak openly about any custody or visitation issues. The attorneys at the Breedlove Law Firm are willing to listen attentively to each party’s issue and work to come to a settlement that will make all parties involved satisfied. 


The Breedlove Law firm provides Police and Fire Fighters with the necessary legal assistance in the event they are accused of making an error while on the job and require legal representation. There are certain technical securities provided by the Louisiana Civil Service Law that protects civil service personnel. 


If you have a civil service issue that needs legal assistance and live in Louisiana, contact the Breedlove Law Firm at  The Breedlove Law Firm has the expertise required to handle any legal issues involving police or firefighters when in need of appealing any issues before the Civil Service Board or the courts. 


 If you are experiencing any family law issues and seeking the advice of an experienced team of lawyers, contact the Breedlove law firm at


About Breedlove Law Firm:


Since 1992, Pamela Breedlove has been licensed to practice law in Louisiana and Georgia.  Doing mainly litigation cases the first fifteen years of her career, which involved cases of medical malpractice, municipal defense, commercial litigation, and the representation of federal and state employees with tort claims, as well as employment and family law claims. 


The Breedlove Law firm also provides mediation services which can allow the chance to solve legal disputes without official court litigation. 


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