Breedlove Law Firm – Offering Legal Advice and Representation To Louisiana\’s Civil Servants

Based in Bossier City Louisiana, Breedlove Law Firm offers legal representation for police officers and firefighters finding themselves in a situation where mistakes or accusations have been made. Offering legal advice for those facing a civil service legal issue and appealing those issues at court.

Police & Fire Civil Service Law

In the line of duty, police officers and firefighters can be confronted with legal action if it is deemed that they have made a mistake or taken an action that was unlawful. Breedlove supports Civil Servants by presenting relevant case evidence, with particular emphasis on the civil service laws of the local area. The firm attorneys will support anyone affected by Civil Law issues by representing the client before their local Civil Service Boards.

What Breedlove Law Firm Brings to the table

The Breedlove Law Firm’s founder and Attorney-Mediator, Pamela N. Breedlove had been a licensed practitioner of law in Georgia and Louisiana since 1992. A serving member of several Bar associations, as well as the Louisiana Society for Hospital Attorney’s, Breedlove holds many years of experience in Civil Service Law.

Breedlove is listened on the Plan Attorneys for the Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan and has intimate knowledge of Louisiana law given her time as a litigator in the state.

Qualifications and practice history include the following institutions:

  • University of Southern Mississippi
  • Georgia State University College of Law
  • Louisiana State University College
  • American Bar Association
  • Louisiana State Bar Association
  • Shreveport Bar Association
  • Federal Fifth Circuit Bar Association

How matters are dealt with

There are many different facets when coming to a legal resolution as not every case ends with a judges ruling. Below are some examples of what you may expect to find when faced with a civil service issue:

  • Meditation – a facilitated communication towards an agreement
  • Appellate Practice – a court ruling reviews by Application for Supervisory Writ

Breedlove Law Firm’s
  Other Areas of Practice

Providing legal advice throughout Bossier City Louisiana, Breedlove Law Firm specializes in many areas of law alongside Police and Fire Civil Service Law

  • Civil and Family Meditation
  • Family Law
  • Appellate Practice
  • Health Care Law
  • Municipal Law
  • Wills and Successions

About Breedlove

Breedlove Law Firm had been established in the Bossier City community since its founding in 2012. Run by its founder Pamela N. Breedlove, the firm offers legal representation in many areas of common and civil service law. Dedicated to ensuring high standards and results orientated service, the firm offers its resources to firefighters and policemen in legal situations that have come about during their everyday service.

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