Breast Augmentation Made Effortless and Easy by Dr. Plano at the Renaissance Plastic Surgery

For women who desire a figure that is both confident and alluring, modern plastic surgery has some good news. Breast augmentation techniques as offered by Plano, Texas based Renaissance Plastic Surgery can help achieve the perfect contours and shapes with complete safety and trust.

Managed by Dr. Jeff Angobaldo (Dr. Plano), Renaissance Plastic Surgery is a specialist clinic that offers the latest breast augmentation techniques to give women just the kind of breasts they have always desired. Dr. Plano has been recently featured on the Best Docs Network to explain the procedure.

Breast augmentation is a common treatment for enlarging breasts that are naturally small. It is also chosen after pregnancy or post a major weight loss to restore a healthy and appealing breast size and volume. Women who are worried about abnormal breast symmetry or disproportionate size can also opt for breast augmentation. For men too, the procedure can be used to restore a normal breast appearance.

A typical breast augmentation procedure begins with an initial consultation with the patient in order to determine their likes and preferences. This helps in fixing the right size, shape and type of breast implant to be used. The treatment varies for each patient based on the results expected.  

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Dr. Plano and his team specialize in breast augmentation in a technologically advanced set up. Every patient gets to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images and derive a clear picture of how their breasts will look like, thus helping them decide the size and shape the wish to obtain.

If self-confidence and self-image are important for the modern women, Renaissance Plastic Surgery promises to help them get past biological hurdles and achieve the perfect figure of their choice.

Watch Dr. Plano explain breast augmentation as practiced in his clinic:

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