Breakthrough Coffee Innovation Kundalini Coffee Now Served In Gelson’s Supermarket

Breakthrough Coffee Innovation Kundalini Coffee Now Served In Gelson's Supermarket

Innovation 79% greenhouse emission reduction. Coffee, no longer being shipped vast distance to retail, roasting smokeless in the store where espresso in made.
The arrival of a new high-end espresso unit, KUNDALINI Coffee Company Certified Carbon Free Organic Coffee in Gelson’s Supermarket. Kundalini Coffee Company, has partnered with Little Cakes Kitchen, twice winner of the Food Networks Cupcakes Wars. Little Cakes Kitchen supports diversity and carbon emission reduction. Women Owned Arizona Company, Kundalini Coffee Company, sources organic coffee beans from women owned farms, and gives back 10% of sales to charity.

Del Mar, California – Today’s focus on is on being healthier, and reduced carbon emissions for the environment. Kundalini Coffee Company uses a coffee roasting method that eliminates after burners all together, consuming up to 5 times less fuel. Beyond fluid bed air roasting, Kundalini Coffee has an innovative air cyclone roasting method that now reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 79%. We don’t even need to ship coffee vast distances all over the country any more Says Julia Yim President of Kundalini Coffee Company Board, and its COO. We can roast coffee smokeless and emission free in the retail store where the coffee espresso is being made. 

Beyond being certified USDA organic, Kundalini Coffee Company Coffee, is certified Carbon Free Coffee. The company has taken coffee beyond the cup, and donate 10% of all its sales to animal well fare and environmental charities. Little Cakes Kitchen, having won cupcakes war twice, is now contributing to a rise in consciousness awareness and greener planet, by serving Kundalini Coffee in all its locations. Little Cakes consumers can now make their daily coffee purchase contribute to a greater cause than enjoying a coffee contribute to a planet wide cause environment, animal welfare, no more kill shelters. The simple purchase of a coffee now extends beyond the cup to a cause far-reaching bigger than coffee industry itself.

Julia Yim, President of Kundalini Coffee Company and its CEO says, “The Earth is greener, and the sky is bluer when companies hold carbon reduction as their focus. Kundalini energy in ancient cultures is defined as divine feminine energy, and its at the heart of our company and practices, says Ms. Yim, we even make a point of source coffee beans from Women Owned Coffee Farms, traditionally coffee farms are male dominated, and owned. As a worldwide staple, coffee beans are grown and consumed in nearly every culture. Because of Coffee’s globally, the ecological harm from the coffee industry is widely ignored or unchallenged. Kundalini Coffee Company is not only challenging the old coffee ways, it’s reshaping the new normal, taking a right turn off the coffee industry roundabout, with its certified carbon-free coffee. “We even have a retail solution to roast coffee beans in the retail store, where the espresso is being made. This removes the delivery process and need to drive roasted coffee vast distance through a supply chain. We donate 1% of coffee purchases to the planet too. 

“Roasting coffee in the store, makes for a fresher cup too”, Says Yim. Roasting coffee with less fuel and gases removes the amount of gas from the coffee beans in the coffee bean roasting process too. A less smoke flavored coffee, results. Like Cupcakes wars winner little cakes, you can tase all the flavors and enjoy the cupcakes; Removing smoke in coffee roasting and after burning unmakes the coffee. Ms. Yim says, “It’s the new normal, to taste the coffee no smokey flavor. Kundalini Coffee Company is an innovation-driven, solutions-based, USDA-approved organic coffee bean roast coffee company, we are dedicated to providing organic coffee with the lowest possible carbon footprint and causes beyond the cup”. Ms Yim, invites  retailers who want to be part of a new consciousness shift in coffee, to reach out to Kundalini Coffee Company and discuss in store Coffee Tea and Juice Kiosk made to order green beverage solutions.

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