“Breakout: The Dark Prison,” A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game for Android and iOS, Coming Soon in Summer 2019

“Breakout: The Dark Prison” is coming soon to Android and iOS devices this Summer 2019. In “Breakout: The Dark Prison,” take control and navigate a post-apocalyptic zombie world after a deadly virus ravishes modern humanity, leaves only a dying population in its wake.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/5N09yA-Lym4

In “Breakout: The Dark Prison” players navigate a world in which a deadly virus, produced by a group of scientists, leaves just 20 percent population fighting for survival. But alas, a key to a cure lies just within the shadows, as the player’s daughter, your daughter, has been found to possess immunity. In time, word spreads and competing interests race to make contact with her. But the only the group gets there quickly, and she is ultimately kidnapped by a group of mercenaries hired by the scientists who developed the virus. She is quickly is ushered away into the shadows, against her will, to alone, isolated island – Dark Prison.

With the clock ticking, players race against time to save their daughter from Dark Prison while unlocking the keys to other plot twists central to the story as they navigate this 3D world.

A fully functional video game, players enjoy total control of characters and their surroundings. Players control the main character and customize them to fight against monsters, bandits, and zombies, all within a fully 3D open world optimized for Android and iOS devices, as they seek to save their daughter and unlock the secrets of society. Armed with weapons and armor, dawn your weapons and prepare to fight to survive this deadly viral outbreak.

The game supports several gameplay types, including single player, player-vs-player, and multiplayer or cooperative missions. Produced and designed by Latersoft Corporation Limited, “Breakout: The Dark Prison” is the product of two years of work by a dedicated team of more than twenty professionals.

For more information, please view the below:

Gameplay Demo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_mp7p7OB2U

Game FB Page: www.facebook.com/thedarkprison/

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