Breakout Mobile will deliver an escape room experience to office workers breaking up the work day grind

Breakout Mobile is a newly launched concept which allows office workers a chance at real life puzzle games or riddles which they have to solve while working as a team. The goal is to recharge and refresh employees on their break so that they can get back to their work feeling sharp and energized.

Aaron Hampton, the co-founder of Breakout Mobile has worked in the industrial sector for nearly half his life, solving technology related problems. During his career, he got introduced to the concept of escape rooms through a colleague which then inspired him to make something which would make this more accessible to office employees.

The idea is to create escape rooms and send them to work campuses with an aim to keep employees happier and active. The project first launched on crowdfunding platform to seek a funding of $45,000 to help bring about their first room. The amount collected will be used to build the mobile unit, hire an on-site employee, and other miscellaneous expenses. The backers will receive merchandise such as t-shirts, group discount vouchers, prepaid group events and other perks for supporting the campaign.

“Most of the Office spaces are getting really stressful for the employees and sometimes the work pressure impacts their overall performance negatively. There is a need to destress them so that they can get back to their work energized and with more focus. The biggest challenge for us will be presenting quality entertainment to our followers, but we’ve got it covered.”, says Aaron.

Aaron and his team have been involved in startups for the past 10 years and their experience is an advantage in this endeavor. The team believes the concept will catch on as it is being launched in an area of the country where these types of activities are already quite popular.

The success of the Indiegogo campaign will ensure that Aaron and his team manage to build the first modular escape room and get it into circulation. With an aim to provide a fun, exciting and team building experience to the people Breakout Mobile is all set to get into the market, with the support of the backers. Interested users can donate to the campaign through Indiegogo and share the same to their friends and family as well. 

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