Breaking News: The Latest E-Cigarette, ETALIENS, Debuts April in Shenzheng, China

Do you enjoy smoking? If so, your relatives and friends are probably telling you often that smoking is bad for your health. However, smokers still keep smoking every day. But now, there is an alternative — a new product called an e-cigarette.

In March 2016, there is breaking news released from Shenzheng, China. This news is about the new e-cigarette, ETALIENS, that will appear on the market next month in April. Commonly known, an e-cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer that simulates the feeling of smoking, but without tobacco, unlike ordinary cigarettes’ negative effects on people’s health.

This e-cigarette has a distinctive appearance. Its design is inspired by the concept of aliens. The improvements to this e-cigarette are high-quality, distinct, and unique, as well as having a pure metal framework, which aesthetically conforms to your hand. When people see this e-cigarette, they will be amazed at the product’s attention to each detail. Also, this e-cigarette has five colors to choose from to suit the different tastes and preferences of each customer.

In addition, its high performance comes from its complex internal A3 core component structure, developed through continuous improvement and testing done on the E.T-X2 model. Thus, this e-cigarette is elegant and rich in advanced technology. When you hold this e-cigarette, you will feel like having fun, while your friends will be impressed.

On the other hand, this e-cigarette has another feature that can help people quit smoking, unlike before. The reason is that this e-cigarette uses a special tar when used, which gives consumers the feeling of smoking a real cigarette.

They cannot distinguish the difference between an ordinary cigarette and the e-cigarette, thus the taste of the e-cigarette is very similar to a regular cigarette. In the future, ordinary cigarettes may even be replaced by e-cigarettes.

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